From Munich to Austria 



Since 2011, the privately run WESTbahn has offered an alternative for train drivers on the Salzburg - Vienna route. Comfortable trains, free WiFi and personal care on the train make for a comfortable and relaxed journey. In Salzburg Hbf there is the luxury of a quick change between Meridian departing from Munich and WESTbahn. The meridian arrives at XX: 42 a.m., the WESTbahn trains to Wien-Westbahnhof usually depart at XX: 52 a.m.

In order to also offer all other travelers attractive and inexpensive tickets, the WESTbahn, Bayerische Oberlandbahn GmbH, has been selling additional single tickets between the stops of the Meridian and the WESTbahn since mid-July. This makes the transfer in Salzburg even easier. Tickets, for example for a one-way trip from Vienna to Munich at the standard price, are available online for only 66.60 euros. Incidentally, up to three family children travel free of charge at this rate before their 15th birthday.

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