TIER E-Scooter

TIER is an Berlin based electric scooter rental start up. It brings back the feeling of moving freely in urban areas. TIER drives for more inspiration, diversity and opportunities in the community. TIER is here to change mobility for good. We believe it’s time to make space for the actual inhabitants of cities, you! Take back your city and opt for a conscious and convenient way to move. Follow your instincts, rediscover the joy of movement and pave the way for a clean, car-free future.


How TIER works

1) Download the app first and sign up to start your ride. 

2) Find a TIER near you and scan or tap to unlock.

3) Place one foot on the footboard, hands on the handlebar and push-off 3-4 times with your foot to get going. Place both feet on footboard when you’re ready to accelerate and start your ride.

4) Use the right lever to gain speed and the left lever, left-hand brake, or back foot-brake to slow down. Please be aware that the new TIER scooters do not allow backfoot braking. Do not exceed the speed limit of your city. Slow down when going downhill and never exceed 20km/h.  

5) Wear a helmet, be attentive and ride smart. Watch out for large vehicles, do not drive in blind spots, and always be focused and aware of your surroundings.

6) Please park responsibly. Park your TIER scooter within our business zone displayed on the map in the app. Don’t block public pathways, public transportation stops, or driveways and always park your scooter upright.

7)Did you get where you want to go? End your ride by tapping the button. Thanks for riding!

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