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Working remote, but not from home: co-working spaces across Germany

October • 4th, 2021
by the Expat in the City Team

Do you enjoy being away from the office but your home office isn't perfect?


There is a third option!


The number of people working remotely (working anywhere but at the office) was already growing quite significantly before COVID-19 hit. Now that employers and employees alike are experiencing what it is like to work apart, experts are expecting that remote working is going to remain a popular way of working. For some companies, like for example Facebook, this forced home-working 'experiment' was so successful that they are planning to make remote working the new normal for their employees. 


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Want to remain working remotely also after corona?


Maybe this experience has also worked out so well for you that you too might want to say goodbye to the office for good. If your job (and your employer) allows it, (partially) working from home could be a great solution to save on commute time, enjoy the freedom to sort out your own working hours, work in your pj’s if you feel like it and subsequently also use your car less and safe on CO2 emission. Sounds pretty great, right?


Working from your home full-time just isn’t a good idea


Besides all the benefits working from home has, it also has some disadvantages; not having steady wifi or a printer, or missing social interaction or lacking meeting space. And for a lot of people having no division between their professional and private life is making working from home difficult. For many full-time working from home is not a longterm solution, as freelancers and startups have already experienced for years. 


working from home


The solution for your not-at-home workplace: a co-working space


How about a place where you can have all the social interactions, professional equipment and space you need. And that is open when you need it to be and perhaps also serves great food? Does such a space exist? Yes! It is called a co-working space.


These are desk or office spaces that can be rented out parttime, fulltime or on a contract or flexible basis. They are usually situated in central city locations, fully equipped and offer other advantages such as meeting rooms, lunch, networking events and flexible opening hours. Who knows your employer might be willing to give you a reimbursement for the costs that you make? Doesn’t hurt to ask!


Co-working spaces in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne


The number of co-working spaces has grown a lot in Germany in recent years. This number is expected to grow after the corona-crisis. We’ve assembled a list of co-working options (with websites in English only) for five cities in Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. Have a look at these websites and be inspired by what it could bring for you.



Mindspace Berlin

KAOS Berlin

Ahoy Berlin

Factory Berlin




Mindspace Munich

Mates Co-working

BASE Co-working


Velvet Space


For a complete overview of co-working spaces in Munich check out this list created by the City of Munich.



Spaces Frankfurt

Die Zentrale Coworking

Beehive Coworking

Wework Frankfurt




COWOKI  (website not in English, but includes childcare - how cool!)

WeWork Cologne

Design Offices Cologne Gereon




Mindspace Hamburg Rödingsmarkt

WeWork Hamburg

rent24 Hamburg

Ruby Works

Betahaus Hamburg



Have we missed your favourite one? Let us know via our contact form. We love to hear from you!





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