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News / Winter time in Munich: our 4 top tips to make it magical!

Winter time in Munich: our 4 top tips to make it magical!

December • 8th, 2021
by The Expat in the City Team


Winter wonderland is just around the corner, tips for day trips and some ideas for me-time 


At Expat in the City we officially call Wintertime the most wonderful time of the year! To fans of the winter season it’s not really necessary to explain that winter in Munich has its very special sides - but between all the rainy days, new year's resolutions, busy days at work and tire changing (don’t forget, super in important here in Germany!) it can take a while for some to actually get into that cozy and joyful winter mood. 


We have looked around for you to find the most charming and special things Munich has to offer in winter, that will make even the biggest summer lovers want to leave the house on cold days. 


1. Explore Bavaria’s Winter Wonderland 


Lakes, mountains and snowy forests, there’s probably not one romantic scenery you won’t find when driving a bit out of the city … whether you want to make a day trip to Schloss Neuschwanstein or pack your skiing kit to hit the slopes (for the best sk areas read our article the ski season is on - the best ski areas around Munich to hit the slopes!), living in Munich is the perfect starting point to make a real winter dream come true. Our top choices are:


  • Schloss Neuschwanstein 
  • Skiing in Tirol
  • Hiking in Garmisch Partenkirchen
  • Day Spa at Bachmair Weissach Hotel at Lake Tegernsee 


And here’s a little impression of what your next day trip could look like…





2. Take a long walk at the Isar to Munich’s famous Waldwirtschaft ‘Wawi’


Fortunately, for those who also want to be active and get a bit of fresh air, there is no need for hour-long driving to one of the lakes or mountains. Munich’s  area Thalkirchen offers one of the most beautiful winter wonderland walks one can ask for - and to wrap this up you can enjoy some tasteful Bavarian classics at the famous beergarten and restaurant Waldwirtschaft, that locals only call the ’Wawi’.




3. Take a day off at Blue Spa


Sure, what we love about the cold days is being surrounded by all friends or family - but sometimes within all the social activities it can be nice to take some time off and spend a little ‘Me-time’. So how about grabbing your favourite book and enjoying a peaceful, calm day off at the Blue Spa at Bayerischer Hof Hotel - with a beautiful view over the snowy roofs of Munich 




4. Ice skating at the Nymphenburger Schloss 


The Nymphenburger Schloss, in every season, is definitely one of our favourite go-to places. Especially during winter time it has a truly special vibe and a lot of different things to offer for big and small - one of them is ice skating on the frozen Nymphenburger Kanal - it’s probably the best views you can get, and there are small stands with food and Glühwein to warm up at when you need a break!



Enjoy all that Wintertime in Munich brings! And stay warm and safe!


- The Expat in the City Team 


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