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News / What to wear at Oktoberfest - dirndl trends for 2019

What to wear at Oktoberfest - dirndl trends for 2019

September • 16th, 2019
by Omayma

What to wear at Oktoberfest - dirndl trends for 2019


The countdown for the biggest Volksfest in Munich has started. At 21 September the first beer will be drafted by the major of Munich Dieter Reiter. The Expat in the City Team is looking forward to the first O’zapft and joining the many Münchners and visitors at the Theresienwiese for Oktoberfestfun. 


As you probably know at Oktoberfest people wear traditional clothing, or Trachten. Which includes the dirndl for women and Lederhosen for men (and also women!). The dirndl has evolved from the work clothing of farmers to the very trendy and fun fashion item it is today. You can really make a statement with your dirndl. Short skirt, long skirt, lots of embellishments or none at all, super expensive or affordable. And as with everything in fashion the dirndl is subject to fashion trends. 


But before we get into the trends let’s start with what is a dirndl?  

The dirndl is made up of different parts: a wide skirt attached to a fitted bodice, an apron and a dirndl blouse. The dress has quite a few different styles: short, medium length or long skirt with a high or low, round or square neckline, it is fastened with buttons, hooks, or ribbons.


An important part of the outfit is the dirndl blouse. Mostly it is quite short, with long, short or puffed sleeves. The colour of the blouse is usually white and can have many different necklines. The blouse should fit the style of your dirndl. Do you go for a simple or extravagant look? Pick a blouse that accentuates that style.


The apron used to be worn to protect the dress but nowadays it only has a decorative purpose. You can chose from simple cotton aprons to exclusive designed aprons. Before you tie your knot – be sure to check on which side to place it – otherwise you might unknowingly send out the wrong message.


Now you know a little about the different elements of the dirndl. From the many, many, many different options out there how can you be trendy this year? In other words what are the dirndl trends for 2019?

This year ‘sexy’ is out! Showing a lot of skin and a deep cleavage are not part of this years trends. The more classical (or classy?), traditional look is what it is all about this year according to the experts of Dirndl shop.


The dirndl skirt

The length of the shirt is more traditional this year and the length is longer than the previous years, the knee should be covered. According to the experts also the skirts that reach to the ankle are popular this year.


The dirndl blouse

Traditionally the dirndl blouse shows (and shows of) a cleavage. This year the trend for the blouse is high-necked, sleeveless and is made of lace. Medium sleeves and long sleeves are also popular.


The dirndl apron

As said the dirndl apron is an important part of the outfit. This year the trend is for it to really match the skirt and is made of plain cotton giving the outfit a classy look. 

Tip: the apron is two centimeters shorter than the skirt. 


Which side to choose to tie on the apron?

The left side means that you are single and ready to mingle. Tying it on the right, means that you are taken.


Sustainability at Oktoberfest

Sustainability is also a topic at Oktoberfest and that also goes for the dirndl. The Waschdirndl is making a comeback, this dirndl is made of cotton and can be washed in the washing machine, hence the name Waschndirndl. It is usually plain (often in the traditional colors of blue, red and brown) and is, in contrast to elaborate dirndl, relatively inexpensive.


What colours, patterns and fabrics are important this year?

It’s becoming more traditional in terms of colours as well. In addition to the soft red, blue and green tones the focus is also on brown and metallic tones. In the patterns the classic checks are making a comeback. In addition to cotton, velvet is also very popular.


The right accessories to finish the dirndl look


Hair accessories

Whether simple or decorated - the main thing at the moment is the hair band, it is wide and made of velvet.



Also jewellery is more traditional this year. According to the people in the know pearl earrings are popular as well as a neck choker.



A personal challenge for me, what shoes to wear underneath a dirndl? Instead of sneakers and pumps, wedges are now worn a lot. Which is great as they not only look good but are also quite comfortable to wear. And important: ballerinas are completely out.



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