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Warntag 2020 Germany - what is it?

August • 24th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

warntag 2020 germany

What is Warntag 2020?


The first nationwide Warntag Germany (warning day) will take place on 10 September 2020. At exactly 11:00 o'clock a test alarm will sound throughout Germany. Sirens will sound, apps will beep, radios and television programs will be interrupted. At 11:20 the all-clear tone will sound. This is the first time it happens simultaneously across Germany and from now on it will happen every year on the second Tuesday in September. 



What will happen on Warntag? 


At 11:00 a signal will be send to all existing warning devices that are connected to the federal warning system (MoWas). These devices will send a warning message which will appear on radios, television and the NINA app. NINA (Notfall-Informations- und Nachrichten-App des Bundes) is the emergency app developed by the federal state. At the same time sirens across the nation will sound the test alarm.


What is the aim of this day?


The aim of is this day is to raise awareness what to do in case of an emergency. To know what the different sirens sound like and what devices are out there that can provide information in case of an emergency. 


What emergencies will trigger an alarm?

Major incidents or emergencies likely to have an impact on your safety or your property. Alerts will be given locally, so that you can prepare and act appropriately. An alert might be triggered by:

• large fire

• severe weather

• flooding

• imminent bomb disposal activities

• HazMat leak or spill

• any other imminent danger



Is there anything you should do on Warntag? 

On the test day there is nothing you should do except for take note of it and make sure you know what to do in case of a real emergency. It is also smart to download the NINA app so information can reach you in case of a real emergency. The NINA app can be found in both the app store and Google Play store. 


What do you do in case of a real emergency? 

If you heard the alarm and receive alert on any other day of the year (and there is no test going on in your region), you are advices the observe the following safety/security advice:


• Stay calm

• Proceed to/evacuate … building/apartment

• Inform your neighbours

• Close doors/windows

• Turn on radio and tune in to local station (car radio in the event of power cut)

• Keep the 110 and 112 lines open for emergencies only


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