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Tips on Feeling Good Most of the Time - at Home & at Work

May • 1st, 2022
Text by Meryem Minbay / Illustration "Twitter break" by Martin Kett

Advice from our dōTERRA Wellness Consultant Meryem Minbay


For several years in my career as an International Human Resources Project Leader, I was an Expat from USA working in Switzerland leading a diverse team around the world. I loved it.

Moving across the globe brings both personal and professional challenges to an Expat and their family. For starts - your daily routines are shaken up until you find your ground in the host country. Regardless of whether you are in your home country or on assignment - there are basic wellness habits that we need to maintain in order to keep feeling balanced.

A wellness lifestyle pyramid emphasizes eating nutritious natural foods at the bottom of the pyramid followed by giving our bodies the chance to move regularly to stay physically fit and of course, recharging our bodies by making sure we get enough rest and relaxation.


When we fall out of balance - sleep too little, work too much, not move enough - we may experience both physical discomfort and a change in our mood. Do you at times feel depleted and overwhelmed? You are not alone.

I invite you to read on for practical tips to find your way back to being grounded to stand in your power.




Before listing what more you may do when you may be feeling you already do a lot, even too much - let me remind you that subtracting is an important option that we often overlook. As you read on - why not do a quick self-inventory - and give yourself points for your daily habits that support your well-being and make a note of what you would like to let go or replace. Saying no and ending is just as important as saying yes and beginning or continuing what you’ve started.


Letting go

Our days are filled with habits. They are acquired over time without much notice and most of the time are hard to break. But doable. The first step is awareness. For this, it helps us to adopt an attitude of a neutral witnesser and be gentle with ourselves as we replace old habits with new ones that create space for our new versions. For example, for a quick after-lunch pick-me-up, instead of reaching for the next cup of coffee, why not go for a quick walk around the block? Your lungs will thank you for the fresh air.


No more self-limiting beliefs

Along with old habits also come self-limiting beliefs. Those we want to let go of, as well. Any self-talk that keeps you small - you want to replace with encouraging statements that motivate you to move forward. For instance, if you feel your body needs a stretch but you don’t feel you are flexible enough to take a regular yoga class, how about looking for a local restorative yoga class where you hold poses longer. Give it a try - you may be pleasantly surprised.


Mindfulness Practices

For your emotional well-being - either begin or try a new mindfulness practice that resonates with you - devote regular time and you will feel the benefits over time. It does not need to be sitting in a lotus position on a yoga mat for hours - you may go for walks in nature or join a singing circle and sing along. The trick is to take a break from your mind chatter and allow yourself to be guided and to experience filling yourself with energy from merely by being.


Planning ahead

Plan your week and day ahead and include not only things that must get done but also down-time to allow yourself to recharge. Add to that regular white space between appointments for the unexpected - both for challenges that pop-up as well as surprises that bring joy, such as a surprise visit from a dear friend who happens to be in town.



Keeping a journal is another useful aid on your path of emotional self-work. Writing your thoughts and feelings may release stagnant energy that may be weighing you down. Stream of consciousness journaling may invite calm and in that space inspire creativity. Best to write without expectations to facilitate the creative process.


Here’s to feeling connected!

Ultimately we want to experience awareness and connection to ourselves and our family and friends. This will allow each of us to find our unique strengths and share them with others to fulfill our purpose.


DoTERRA Feelgood Kit


Do you feel you need support to feel good more often? Would you like to create a work environment conducive to collaboration? Let me know. You may reach me at

Studies show that sense of smell is the fastest way to affect mood. You may start your essential oil journey with our brand new Together Kit. It is a special selection of single oils and blends to tap into the power of nature to tailor your environment for the tasks at hand. It is easy to get started: you may choose one of the suggested moods: either calming, energizing or focused, then pick a corresponding oil or a blend from the kit to diffuse aromatically.

I invite you to create a better space for yourself and those around you!


Meryem Minbay

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Meryem Minbay


dōTERRA Wellness Advocate


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