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News / Summer is in Munich - 6 To-do's or Must-see's for this Summer!

Summer is in Munich - 6 To-do's or Must-see's for this Summer!

June • 24th, 2019
by Expat in the City Team


Are you staying in Munich for the Summer? Lucky you! Munich is buzzing with summer vibes and great things to do and see. Here is a small selection of suggestion for fun in the sun in or near the great capital of Bavaria!


Swimming at Naturbad Maria Einsiedler

There are quite a few really nice outdoor pools in Munich. One of them is the Naturbad Maria Einsiedel close to the Tierpark. Special about this one is that it has chemical and chorine-free water. It’s almost like you are swimming directly in the Isar. Great place to spend your day!


If you don’t really mind the chlorine, check out this website from the City of Munich with an overview of more pools.


Theatron Musiksommer

At the Olympiapark you can find Theatron, an amphi theater, located directly at the lake. At this theater you will find the MusikSommer, where a different band plays every night at 19:00 for free from 25 July till 18 August 2019. From folk-pop to hiphop, and from Jazz to Disco. So hip hop on your bike or U-bahn and enjoy the Summer vibes in this beautiful theater.


More info:

There are quite a few really nice outdoor pools in Munich. Naturbad Maria Einsiedel is a special one.

Escape the City and visit to the highest peak in Germany: the Zugspitze

Mountains are not only great when they are covered in snow, they are also great when the sun is shining and the meadows are pretty in green. Not so far away from Munich you can find the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany (2962m high to be precise). You can take the cable cart up the mountain or chose one of many hiking routes in the area (many also suitable for kids!). What a view, after visiting this place you will feel so lucky that you live in Bavaria!


Isar Floss-fahrt - log rafting Munich

Have you seen the wooden rafts in the Isar?  An entire day of smooth sailing on the Isar enjoying food and drinks, sounds pretty good right? The Floss-fahrt is a tradition that stems back a long long time ago when things where transported via the river. You can book a tour via several experienced floss-fahrt companies. Google ‘floss-fahrt’ and pick the one you like!


Tollwood Festival

This festival at the Olymiapark is a must-visit on your Summer calendar. There is music, cultural activities and a market with hand-made things and lots of food to enjoy. What’s not to love about Tollwood? You can see for yourself from 26 June till 21 July 2019. Maybe we’ll see you there?


More info about Tollwood


Grilling along side the Isar

A popular activity amongst the locals: grillen! The idea is to pick a spot along the Isar, bring your own food and drinks and of course your BBQ and spend the long summer evening along side the cool Isar. To keep your beer or wine cool just put the bottles in the icy cold water of the Isar :) Be aware there are grilling designated areas. Here is a map with grill areas. Enjoy and be safe!


For tips for kids check out our article: Summer holidays are just around the corner: 5 tips for kids and teens in the City!



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