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News / Staying Happy During The Covid-19 Crisis - advice from our Happiness Coach #3

Staying Happy During The Covid-19 Crisis - advice from our Happiness Coach #3

April • 3rd, 2020
by Julie Leonard

Staying Happy During The Covid-19 Crisis


’ll be honest, I had a bit of a wobble this week. Generally I’m handling the current crisis and lockdown well and remain positive and busy. But it did hit me as I watched the pandemic unfold that I am far from home and my family and close friends and I don’t know when I’ll be next able to travel to see them. And even though I know that if I was back in Scotland and one of my family was ill I couldn’t go to them anyway, this situation has made me feel the distance more this week.


I’ve come to realise that it's ok to have tough days, that we can’t be 100% positive all of the time. So I am accepting that I need to ride the wave of emotion as it comes. Here are 3 other ways I’m maintaining my emotional resilience:


1. I am focusing on what I can control

It can feel that so much is out of our control right now. I’m focusing on how I respond to the situation and what I can control in my life.


2. I am focusing on the positives

As the world presses pause and we are in lockdown I am focusing on the gifts this time has presented me with. More quality time with my son, more quality time with my partner, more time to hug my cat! To name just 3.


3. Social isolation not emotional isolation

As humans we are built to form connections. We might not be able to meet friends in person but we have the technology to see and be in touch with good friends and the time to reach out to those we haven’t seen in a while. I’m making sure I am emotionally connected to my friends every day.


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