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Servus from Bavaria! Meet Invest in Bavaria, partner of ExpatTalks2020

November • 19th, 2020
Guest blog by Invest in Bavaria

Gudrun Weiddman

Servus from Bavaria!


Servus, my name is Gudrun Weidmann. Since August 2020, I am the Executive Director of Invest in Bavaria after career stages in the USA as event manager and in various positions in the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs.


Invest in Bavaria is the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria affiliated to the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. We support businesses as well as start-ups from Germany or abroad to find the ideal location in Bavaria, so that they can successfully settle here and establish themselves on the market afterwards. With us, businesses receive full service from one single source. We provide our network, know-how and experiences to support businesses during the whole process of settling in Bavaria. Our service is free, confidential and individual. Together with various partners for example BayStartUP, UnternehmerTUM or Bayern Innovativ GmbH, we offer the best possibilities which are perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of the respective businesses that make use of our assistance. 




Private life and career – In Bavaria you can do both


Bavaria is an ideal place for expats to work and live due to its various local advantages as well as the flourishing economy with its worldwide active market. The Bavarian market does not only comprise global players like BMW, MAN or Siemens, but also long-established successful small and medium-sized businesses in sectors of industry, trades and services. Bavaria’s economy is powerful and benefits from an efficient economical ecosystem consisting of a strong network, a well-developed infrastructure and an ongoing development in the fields of research and new technologies. Businesses settling in Bavaria can count on the collaboration between competitive suppliers, potential customers and cooperation partners. As a result, many cross-industry-innovations are developed in Bavaria due to the smooth interaction between the State of Bavaria, the businesses, the research and young start-ups.


With its different landscapes and its various leisure activities, Bavaria is also a great place to live. From mountains and clear blue lakes with tranquility as well as rural idyll to thriving cities and invigorating hustle and bustle – Bavaria has a lot to offer for its residents. Not matter whether you are searching for action and fun or rest and a break, in the most southern state of Germany both is very close. Therefore, a healthy work-life balance is easy in Bavaria. This is verified also by Bavaria being the number one in Germany for tourism with more than 98 million overnight stays in 2018 at large. Furthermore, one thing that everyone has to experience at least once in Bavaria is the Oktoberfest in Munich. There, people from all over the world celebrate together experiencing the Bavarian culture and, of course, the Bavarian beer. 



Englisher Garten Munich



In my opinion, there are many beautiful and exceptional places in Bavaria and it is difficult to name only one. But I would say, that the “Englischer Garten” in Munich is a really great example for a place in Bavaria, where rest and action are combined. The extensive green areas invite you to take a break with friends while enjoying the sun. The “Eisbach”, which thanks to its frosty water temperature really lives up to its name, flows through the “Englischen Garten”. People, who are not that sensitive to cold water, can have a refreshing swim in it after sunbathing. And for some action you can take a trip to the standing wave near the “Haus der Kunst” art museum afterwards. You can watch experienced surfers there or try it by your own, if you have some know-how about surfing.


Why Invest in Bavaria is a partner of Expat in the City


We as Invest in Bavaria, are interested in bringing innovative businesses and their qualified specialists to Bavaria to develop a symbiotic relationship between their fresh ideas as well as innovations and the Bavarian economy, industry and locational advantages. However, to be successful in working life, those expats need to feel home as quickly as possible here. That’s why we are happy, that with Expat in the City there is an initiative which supports newcomers who move to Bavaria from abroad exactly with the challenges arising thereof. They enable them a smoother start into their new lives in a new country – whether private or due to the career. Therefore, Invest in Bavaria works closely with Expat in the City for years to create a perfect setting for expats and businesses in Bavaria, so that both are successfully brought together and their joint work can bear fruits.


Further information about Invest in Bavaria and our services


Invest in Bavaria is as already mentioned the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria. Since 1999, we offer companies a wealth of services for all stages of setting up a business in Bavaria. From the planning phase, throughout the search for and selection of a suitable location, to implementation, our experts accompany businesses during the whole process. Even when a business has successfully settled, we continue our support for example during expansion. We have regional advisors who complement with their knowledge and their network our provided services and give foreign businesses access to Bavaria’s regions. In 2019, alone 125 projects which created more than 3.800 new jobs were supervised by Invest in Bavaria. Over the whole period since the foundation of Invest in Bavaria more than 1.900 investment projects were successfully supported and about 52.000 new direct jobs were generated.

Not only already established businesses from abroad, but also innovative start-ups are able to benefit from our services and expertise to successfully settle in Bavaria. Therefore, we developed the “Ois Easy” start-up package together with our partner BayStartUP. Start-ups with innovative ideas or inventions from abroad can apply for the package. Thereby, they are able to easier establish themselves on the German market in the long term. By using “Ois easy” start-ups receive: 


  • Coaching to prepare a business plan or to convincingly pitch during a funding round
  • Free co-working spaces
  • A financing network of investors, business angels or public funding providers
  • Active support for example with official formalities or to find a suitable business form
  • Access to the local start-up community where like-minded people and businesses can be found to exchange views and ideas.


If you would like to receive more detailed information about our services visit our website: How we can help !



Invest in Bavaria is a partner of ExpatTalks2020: Servus Munich! 



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