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News / Quarantine and Social Distancing - a few thoughts and tips on the current situation

Quarantine and Social Distancing - a few thoughts and tips on the current situation

March • 19th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

We’re all in this together!



We know these are strange times that can make you feel scared or worried. Here are a few thoughts and tips on the current situation that will hopefully give you hope and inspiration. 


1. If you can, please stay at home. Running around outside just for fun or to go out for dinners you are potentially playing a role in spreading the virus. Most importantly, if the majority of people does stay inside we can slow down the outbreak of this epidemic. 


2. Our tip, if you need a little air or walk, go take a long walk at Isar or English Garden early in the morning or at night, when there are only very few people outside. Please always consider the risk for yourself and others and make sure to always keep a big enough distance to others (1,5 m per the measures). 


3. Make sure to treat your body better than ever. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables, they can be medicine too. Read our article by our nutrition expert on Cultures, food traditions and healthy eating for a little inspiration! We are aware that at most supermarkets in Germany a lot of groceries are sold out, so our tip (also to leave more for those in need) is to buy at and support local stores and “Biomärkte”, since those places are considered less risky. Also please make sure to think about those in need and do not overbuy groceries so that everyone will have enough healthy foods at home. To additionally strengthen your immune system during these times, take zinc, vitamin C, Vitamin B and probiotics. 


4. To those who are at home alone without a partner or family member right now, this is probably the hardest time ever but it is also a great time to calm the mind, meditate and get to do things you usually never have time for. Read books, make pancakes on Sunday (or honestly whenever), take baths, watch your favourite movies, shows and online concerts. Learn new recipes, bake, call your friends and family every day! Also, light candles, look at art and photography books or blogs. Do some yoga or home workouts and try to stay positive and be happy with what you have.


5. Educate yourself! With all it’s downsides, now is a great time to educate yourself on something your interested in! Why not learn German or even a completely new language? Check out our article on 10 tips when learning German to get yourself going. And if you need a little support we recommend you to try out video online courses with LinguaTV, which you can test for free for seven days!


6. Stay current! Of course everyone should make sure to stay informed and up to date with the current developments, but also not panic and believe everything the media is telling us. That is why we've put together a short overview of some online resources that keep us informed. Find our selection of online resources about coronavirus in Germany here. 


7. On top why not do things you’ve been wanting to do since forever and never had time for: Like cleaning out your closet, cleaning out drawers, organise books and getting rid of old stuff you don’t need … or help your older neighbours with their groceries, watch their dogs or call people that might be in need or alone and you haven’t spoken to in a long time!


We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and sane - We will all get through this together!


The Expat in the City Team 



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