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Public Transport in the City – “Farely” Easy

May • 21st, 2018
by Constanze Sabathil

“Streifenkarte,” “Tageskarte” or better “Wochenkarte?Bus or subway? The variety of tickets and public transportation in Munich is broad!

What may seem confusing at first, actually helps you to find what is best for you.


Read on for an introduction to Munich’s public transport!


First things first


Munich’s public transport system consists of bus, U-Bahn (underground), S-Bahn (the light rail that goes both above ground and underground) and Straßenbahn (tram). Bus and Straßenbahn are usually not as fast, as they often make more stops than U- and S-Bahn within the same distance. The subway, which is mostly underground, but has a few areas where it runs above ground, and the S-Bahn are faster.


Now the question is: which ticket to purchase when you want to go somewhere in Munich?


If you don’t use public transport too often, you can buy a Single Ticket, a “Streifenkarte,” or a Day Ticket:


Single Ticket


If you are by yourself and you quickly have to go somewhere, the Single Ticket is for you. You may go to your destination and even hop out on your way to your final destination or transfer as long as you continue to go in the direction of your final destination. However, you cannot go to your destination and then return to where you came from on the same single ticket. Neither can you take a round-trip. In these instances, you have to purchase a new ticket.


As MVV München says: “If you're planning more than 2 trips in the Munich city area per day, we recommend purchasing the Day Ticket.”


Make sure you know in which of the color-coded zones you are and through which zones you are going to reach your destination – you might have to buy a single ticket for more than one zone. You can check the maps located at the stations to see what you need.


Also don’t forget to validate your ticket! Not all Single Tickets are already validated, and simply buying it is not enough.

As general information: You can validate your tickets at one of the blue machines at the stations before you enter the subway or the S-Bahn. In the bus or the tram, you can validate a previously purchased ticket in the vehicle. If you buy a ticket in the bus or tram, it is already pre-validated.


For more information, for example about kids, please check:


“Streifenkarte” – Ticket with 10 numbered stripes for multiple rides and people


The “Streifenkarte” has you covered for various trips. If you’re older than 21, you have to validate two of the stripes for one zone, four stripes for two zones and so on.


This means, that if you stay in one zone for each respective trip, you could take up to five trips with one “Streifenkarte.”

You can even take others on the Stripe Ticket: If you are going somewhere with two friends, for example, you have to validate stripe number 2 (that makes two stripes for you), number 4 (an additional two stripes for your one friend), and number 6 (for your other friend).


For more information, for example about young adults, please check:

Expat in the City

ALL the tickets!

Day Ticket


Take a deep breath – because this is fairly easy. The Single Day Ticket takes you anywhere in Munich with unlimited trips. You just have to choose between the color-coded zones “inner district” (white), “outer district” (green, yellow, and red), “Munich XXL” (white and green) and “Entire Network” (white, green, yellow and red). You can easily check which of the areas you want or need by looking at the maps located in the stations.


For more information, for example about a Single Ticket for three days, a Group Day Ticket for up to five adults, or a Group Ticket for three days, please check:



Weekly and Monthly Ticket


If you use public transport on a regular or more frequent basis, you can get an IsarCard. This public transport pass enables you to travel at a much cheaper cost than a Single Ticket or Stripe Ticket. The IsarCard perfectly caters to your needs as you can choose between a weekly or monthly ticket, what day you want the ticket to start, as well as the number of rings you need (a ring is a unit of travel validity, just like zone is a unit of travel validity).


For more information, for example on children and students, please check:


Special fares for children, pets, and bikes


Yay – Children younger than 6 years can take trips for free!


For detailed information on children from 6-14 years, and young adults from 15-20 years, please check:


You can bring your bike – but only on the S-Bahn and the underground, and NOT on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 6am to 9am, as well as 4pm to 6pm (school holidays are excluded). Plus, you have to buy the Bicycle Day Ticket (Entire Network).


You can also bring your dog – and it’s for free! If you travel with more than one dog, you have to buy him or her a Children’s Single Trip Ticket.


For more information on pets and bikes, please check:

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