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News / Pentecost holidays, beer gardens and outdoor sports: Corona regulation updates in Bavaria

Pentecost holidays, beer gardens and outdoor sports: Corona regulation updates in Bavaria

May • 20th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

Everything you need to know for your start of summer 2020


On Monday, May 18th, Covid-19 restrictions in Germany have been eased again. With the  upcoming Pentecost holidays, questions about traveling, beer garden and restaurant openings as well as people gatherings come up - here’s the most important facts and information you need to know when planning your start of summer 2020 in Bavaria:

1) Pentecost holidays and traveling


This year, Pentecost holidays in Germany are scheduled for the end of May and beginning of June. Since the government issues a worldwide travel warning for foreign countries until June 14th, only vacations within Germany seem possible at the moment. Nevertheless there’s light at the end of the travel tunnel, since opening borders to countries with low infection rates in June is currently being discussed.

For now this means it will only be possible to travel within Germany during the Pentecost holidays. More and more federal states are opening their hotels, including Berlin, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia  and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (May 21th). At some places, Camping is even possible already, as long as the campsite operators ensure that there is sufficient space between the mobiles and tents.

Starting on May 30th, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg will follow and open their hotels to tourists: which means sightseeing at Neuschwanstein Castle, boat trips and also amusement parks are something to consider when planning your holiday! Camping in Bavaria will most likely be possible again after Pentecost.


2) Beer gardens & restaurants 


One of the best things of living in Bavaria for most people is the beer garden season - gladly, after some delay we can sit outside, have a cold beer and delicious pretzel again!

On Monday, May 18th beer gardens, restaurants and taverns in Munich and Bavaria reopened their outdoor areas until 8pm. From May 25th, restaurants will also be allowed to serve guests in their inside area until 10pm. Good news is it’s even permitted for groups of friends to meet - under clearly defined conditions. Here’s all rules regarding restaurants and beer gardens you should know about:

1: There is an obligation for mouth and nose protection for guests and service staff, which guests may only remove at the table.

2: Guests and service personnel must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters if they do not fall under rule 3. Service personnel may be less than the minimum distance when serving.

3: Sitting together, i.e. less than the minimum distance, is allowed for people from a total of two households or families. There is no general limit on how many people can sit at a table as long as the minimum distance from third parties is maintained.

4: As a guest you’re supposed to leave your contact details in order to better track infection chains. The landlord should keep the data for one month and then delete them.

3) Outdoor sports and gym


For all athletes and sports enthusiasts, a wish was also fulfilled on Monday, May 11th: Contact-free individual outdoor sports is allowed again in Bavaria. That means hitting the ball on tennis courts, golf courses, sailing, aviation and riding – also in the hall – are now possible! Even Football training is allowed under certain conditions and following the safety precautions. Even though other federal states in Germany have also opened their gyms and inside training areas again, Bavaria has not made an official announcement yet - the reopening will probably happen in the middle of June.


What else you need to know:


Other places that reopened and are now open to visit again are hairdressers and photographers, cosmetic, nail and massage salons as well as physiotherapy. Bars and Clubs remain closed for now - but of course we will keep you posted about any changes!

Have a great start into summer 2020 everyone, and most importantly stay safe and healthy!

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