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Showcase your expat-friendly service to the international audience with an online Expat Talk

August • 27th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

Reach out to Expats in Germany in style with the live broadcast of your Expat Talk 


Just like for every company there is a ‘before corona’ and ‘after corona’ period for Expat in the City. Life (or business) as we knew has largely changed. We’ve shifted from mostly offline to mostly online. And that has turned out to offer opportunities that we didn’t explore before 

From offline to online

Before corona we organized offline events in Munich to bring expat-friendly businesses and expats together, from big - the Expat in the City Fair- to smaller events- the Expat Talks. During lockdown this was no longer possible and people moved to video conferencing to reach out to their existing and potential clients. 

A more professional opportunity to video conferencing

A Zoom presentation from your living room with the kids running around in their pyjama's or your bookshelf as a background might be "authentic" but does not really reflect your CI. So we wondered if there was a way that would reflect the professionalism of our partners when spreading the word about their expertise online.


With our new Format, the "EXPAT TALK LIVE BROADCAST", developed in collaboration with the Wonderworls Studio in Munich, we have made it possible and invite you to check out what it looks like to go live in style:

From defining the topic of your Expat Talk to producing and promoting it-  and finally connecting you to your potential clients- we are proud to say, we have it all in place for you. You just need to show up!

This new format, starting with an an introduction of your (expat friendly) service, followed by an Expat Talk and Q&A, allows you to broadcast your webinar or presentation with a professional high quality standard, reflecting your corporate identity as it would if you would be speaking to a live audience from a appropriate location (you wouldn't choose your living room, right?). And that audience is now no longer limited to expats in Munich but we can reach them Germany-wide!
Every cloud has a silver lining!
Want to know more? Get in touch! We will help you translate your presentation to online and connect you to new clients!

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