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News / WirtshausWiesn: the Alternative to Munich's Oktoberfest 2020

WirtshausWiesn: the Alternative to Munich's Oktoberfest 2020

September • 17th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

Oktoberfest Munich

No Oktoberfest this year, instead there is the WirtshausWiesn 

The Oktoberfest in Munich was planned to start on 19 September, but due to the corona crisis, like so many other great events, it was sadly cancelled. The Oktoberfest area (the Theresienwiese) will remain much quieter than usual this time of year. In fact the entire city of Munich will not be the same this year in the Oktoberfest weeks. Knowing that last year the Oktoberfest was visited by 6,3 million people, you can only imagine the difference!
But there is also some good news for those who will miss it dearly, the owners (Wirten) of both the innercity Gaststätte (restaurants) as well as the Oktoberfest tents have joined forces and have came up with an alternative: the WirtshausWiesn. 

The WirtshausWiesn in Munich - what is it? 

The idea for the WirtshausWiesn is based on the early days when the Oktoberfest was celebrated in the "Brauhäuser' (inns) throughout the city. People would come together to drink a Mass (a large beer), eat traditional Bavarian food and enjoy live music. That real Bavarian tradition is back this year! From September 19 to Oktober 4, 2020 you can experience real Oktoberfest vibes in no less than 54 traditional restaurants in Munich. Expect beer, wholesome Bavarian food, traditional music and 'gemütlichkeit' (cozyness).

Where will the WirtshausWiesn take place? 

For an overview of all the participating restaurants have a look at these lists provided by the City of Munich:
With 54 places on the list there are sure some you haven't yet discovered. The WirtshausWiesn is a great opportunity to enjoy the real Bavaria and to discover new traditional restaurants in Munich.
You can recognize a participating restaurant by the flags with the WirtshausWiesn logo:
Logo wirthauswiens

Special Oktoberfest beer


Also this year the six big Munich breweries (Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, Spaten, Löwenbräu, Augustiner and Hofbräu) have created their special Oktoberfest beer. You can taste it in the different Wirtshausen and Gaststätten. Prost! The first kegs will be opened at 12:00 on 19 September by the innkeepers. O' Zapft is! 


"O' Zapft is" is Bavarian dialect for "Es ist angezapft" - which means "it has been tapped,"or party time. With these words the Oktoberfest officially begins. 

In addition to Oktoberfest beer the Wirthauswiesn is all about creating an Oktoberfest atmosphere. This means decorations with Lebkuchen hearts, Oktoberfest food such as Obazda, Schweinshaxn and Käsespätzle. 
And of course there will be music. A lot of restaurants are organising live-music. This will be the traditional kind so don't expect the Oktoberfest party hits :)    

Dust of your dirndl and lederhosen - wearing Tracht can win you a price

To add to the Oktoberfest atmosphere the Wirten (landlords) encourage you to wear traditional clothes (Tracht). If you post a photo of yourself on social media in your dirndl or lederhosen and use the hashtag #aufbretzelt2020 you have the chance to win a table for Oktoberfest next year!  

What about corona? 


The corona measures are also valid in all participating venues. A quick reminder, the main rules are:

- Don't forget your face mask! Wear it inside (and also in the Biergarten) until you are seated at your table.

- Keep distance of 1,5 m

- Leave behind your contact details

- You can be seated with a maximum of 10 people at a table




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