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News / New restrictions in Germany to fight corona virus

New restrictions in Germany to fight corona virus

October • 29th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

corona restrictions in Germany November

What corona rules apply from Monday 2 November?


During the last few weeks the corona numbers were increasing again, not only in the Munich area but Germany-wide. In fact, a large part of Europe is suffering from this second wave. The one that was already predicted and it seems to be here now. That new restrictions were going to be announced almost seemed inevitable.


On October 28 Angela Merkel and prime ministers of the different states announced restrictions that will apply Germany-wide. Starting from Monday 2 November these are the most important measures: 


Leisure and gastronomy

Bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs have to close their doors until the end of November. Take away and delivery is allowed. Canteens can remain open. Cinemas, theaters, swimming pools and fitness clubs are also closed as well as amusement arcades and brothels. Also closed are theme parks and zoos. Events are not allowed.



Schools and daycare (kitas) remain open. Each state has to decide which necessary protective measures have to be taken.


Contact restrictions

People are asked to keep the number of contacts to an absolute minimum. Not more than two households are allowed to get together, with a maximum of 10 people. Parties at home are a no-go. Police will actively be enforcing this rule.


Travel restrictions 

Unnecessary travel is discouraged, so no trips just for pleasure allowed. Staying in a hotel, airbnb or motel is only allowed for non-touristic trips, such as necessary business trips.


Retail and services 

Shops remain open, be it with restrictions: not more than 1 customer per 10 square meters is allowed. Beauty salons, massage salons, tattoo shops need to close shop, but hairdressers remain open under the existing hygiene requirements. Medically necessary services, such as physiotherapy are also permitted.


Work from home when possible 

Employers are strongly advised to make it possible to work at home. Employees are strongly advised to work from home.



Amateur sports are only allowed individually or with maximum two households. That means that running is still possible but team sports such as football are not. Professional sports (like the Bundesliga) will continue but without any spectators in the stadiums.


Religious services and demonstration

Religious services are allowed if they enforce strict hygiene rules. Demonstrations are allowed but only if enough distance can be maintained between demonstrators.


Duration and evaluation of the measurements 

The measurements will be in place at least until the end of November. Until then it must be apparent that the number of infections has decreased. After two weeks an evaluation will take place to see if additional measures are deemed necessary.



Stay safe and stay healthy! 



source: Süddeutsche Zeitung






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