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News / New corona restrictions in Bavaria - an overview of the rules

New corona restrictions in Bavaria - an overview of the rules

October • 16th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

corona update Bavaria

Higher number of corona-infections: new restrictions in Bavaria


Source BR24


The number of corona infected people is rising in Bavaria. New restrictions follow each other quickly in an attempt to bend the curve in the right direction. These rules can be outdated in the course of a few days but for now (initially) the next four weeks stricter rules apply in Bavaria. The number of infections per 100.000 inhabitants, based on the seven-day indicator, determine which rules apply. This indicator or traffic light (corona-ampel) has three levels:


Level 1: Green - Indicator is under 35 per 100.000 inhabitants

Level 2: Orange  - Indicator is between 35 and 49 per 100.00 inhabitants

Level 3: Red - Indicator is more than 50 per 100.000 inhabitants.


Currently Munich has more than 50 new infections each day, meaning the third level: red applies.


To find out the number of infections per state  click here (in German):


Be aware that the German central government is also announcing new restrictions that will be applicable country-wide. For the latest information about the coronavirus in Germany you can check the following resources: 


And regardless of the number of new infections don't forget: keep 1,5 m distance, wear a face mask and wash your hands with soap!

>>Indicator is below 35


Number of contacts allowed

Maximum of ten people or two households are allowed to meet in public places in Bavaria. Although the recommendation is to keep the number of contacts to a minimum and not to meet too many different people.


Private gatherings

Weddings, funerals or birthdays as well as club and parties are allowed inside with up to 100 people and outside with up to 200 people. As an organizer, you have to have a hygiene concept that can also be presented to the authorities on request.


Mouth and nose protection

A mask is required in local public transport, in hospitals, doctor's offices and in restaurants except for when seated at your  table. 


In Bavaria's schools, mouth and nose must be covered, except when seated in the classroom. The following rule of thumb applies:

- Always wear a mask if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.

- Children under the age of six do not have to wear mouth and nose protection 

- Also exempt are people "who can make credible that wearing a mouth and nose cover is not possible or unreasonable for them because of a disability or for health reasons".



No curfew applies, but you do have to wear a mask and the group is restricted to 10 people or two households. For private celebrations that are held in a catering establishment, a hygiene concept is required. Inside it is allowed to be with 100 people, outside 200. If the celebration takes place in a separate room (private parties), you can dance without a minimum distance and move between the tables without a mask.


>> Indicator is between 35 and 49


Number of contacts allowed

Maximum of ten people or two households are allowed to meet in public (also in private rooms).


Private gatherings

Maximum of ten participants are allowed - regardless of whether the celebration is taking place at an event location or at home.


Mask requirements

It is mandatory to wear a face mask at events (cultural, cinema or sport). In schools, mouth and nose protection must also be worn while in class from grade 5. If the distance of 1,5 m is not possible then it is required to wear a mask at the workplace and during a lecture in universities.


It is possible that face masks are now also required in other areas, local authorities determine where.



A curfew from 11 p.m. now applies. From this time on, alcohol is also prohibited in public places - and petrol stations are no longer allowed to sell alcohol after 11 p.m.


>> Indicator is 50 or higher


Number of contacts allowed

Maximum of five people or two households are now allowed to meet in public and in private rooms.


Private celebrations

Funerals can now only be attended by a maximum of five people or two households - regardless of whether the ceremonies are taking place at an event location or at home.


Mask requirements

The mask requirement now also applies to elementary school students in class and for afternoon care.



The curfew is at 10 p.m. The same applies to the ban on alcohol in designated public places and to the sale of alcohol at petrol stations.


What other rules apply regardless of the indicators?



The responsible authority will decide on a case by case basis. Regardless, the location must offer enough space for the required minimum distance of 1.5 m. For larger gatherings of 200 or more people in the open air, a mask is required in Bavaria.


Cultural events

With assigned and marked seats, up to 400 people are allowed outside and up to 200 people inside. Without fixed places, the limit is 200 or 100. In addition, there is a mask requirement - depending on the incidence value on site, now also at the place.



There is no direct person restriction in Bavaria for conferences, trade fairs and congresses, if there are allocated places. However, an area of ​​ten square meters must be available for each participant - which indirectly leads to a limitation depending on the space. Without a fixed seat, the same restrictions apply as for cultural events. In addition, there is an extensive mask requirement and the mandatory hygiene concept.


Recreational sports

For the time being, the previous regulations will remain - for example, amateur league operations have been allowed again for several weeks.


Religious services

The minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained at all times, the available space determines the number of allowed people. A mask is required. A maximum of 200 believers are allowed to come together outside.


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