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Neighbourhood Guide for Munich

January • 3rd, 2021
by Jenna Hamilton from LifeX

Munich in Germany

Welcome to Munich!

Munich is a vibrant international city. It consistently makes global headlines for having one of the highest qualities of life, among other many other positive attributes. If you’re living in Munich or thinking of moving there, you’re on the right track. The city is rich in culture and history, and has a strong job market. Whatever you’re looking for, there are plenty of opportunities in Munich!

Whether you’ve been living in Munich for some years, or you’re brand new, there is always something to discover. We’ve created a neighbourhood guide to help you get an idea of where you might like to live or hang out on the weekend!

The LifeX Neighbourhood Guide

As a co-living company, with apartments all over Munich, we have done our fair share of research about the areas. We are happy to share it with you so that you can find the perfect neighbourhood. It’s notoriously tricky to find a home in Munich, so if you’re looking for housing we can help you with that too! 
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Munich's most popular neighbourhoods

Munich has 25 neighbourhoods (Stadtbezirke) or municipalities. We'll be focusing on the most popular ones.


Altstadt is the most historic neighbourhood in Munich. Located in the centre of the city, it’s the perfect place for those who want to be in the middle of it all! Restaurants, bars, shopping, not to mention plenty of museums to check out. There are many pedestrian streets too so it’s a lovely area to stroll around in and soak up the culture.

Altstadt is picturesque, known for its intricate pre-war architecture; it’s home to many famous attractions such as Marienplatz and Viktualienmarkt. If you're someone who enjoys dining out, visiting bars, and appreciates having it all at your doorstep, it could be the right spot for you! Living in Altstadt means you will never be too far away from anything going on in the city, it’s also very well connected by transit. Wherever you live in Munich, it’s almost a certainty that you will be visiting Altstadt frequently in your free time.

Insider tips: Check out Café Frischhut (called ‘Schmalznudel’ by locals) for some desserts and the famous Bavarian Schmalznudel.

Enjoy a traditional Weißwurst (white sausage) breakfast. It might sound strange but is a must try when you live in Munich. At Schneider Bräuhaus, they have some of the best pretzels in town as well as the famous wheat beer to enjoy alongside it:

If you want to live in Altstadt, we have an amazing apartment for you overlooking the Viktualienmarkt! 


Bogenhausen is an upscale neighbourhood that has the perfect blend of city life and a comfortable suburban feel. It’s suburban in all the good ways, with lots of green space and larger villas, whilst still having a strong connection to city life and plenty of things to do. It runs alongside the famous English Gardens and is the largest of Munich’s neighbourhoods so there is plenty to see and do and lots of space to do it in.

This area is ideal for those with families or those who are looking to live in a tranquil area, but want to live centrally. It’s very well connected, you can be downtown in a matter of minutes if you hop on the train or walk depending on what area of the neighbourhood you’re in!

If you’re just checking out Bogenhausen, there are plenty of landmarks and iconic spots to see! No matter what season it is there is always a reason to swing by, our personal favorites are hanging out in Maximiliansanlagen (along the Isar river) and visiting Villa Stuck.

Insider tips:
Visit Cadillac Cinema, a retro styled American cinema with a red Cadillac standing in the entrance hall is a must see in Bogenhaus

No plans on a sunny winter day in Munich? Visit the outdoor ice-skating rink at Prinzregentenstadion and enjoy a hot sauna in the swimming pool next door afterwards.


Glockenbachviertel is officially part of Isarvorstadt, but as it is one of the most stunning neighbourhoods in Munich, nestled between greenspace and rivers, it is worth it’s own paragraph. This small neighbourhood holds some prime real estate, centrally located and running along the Isar river. It has undergone quite a transformation in the last few decades, which has resulted in a trendy, progessive neighbourhood with lots of character. You will find plenty of independent cafes, restaurants, and bars to check out.

Glockenbachviertel has the rare quality of being a buzzing central location, but also peaceful as most of the streets are side roads. It’s the perfect area for all kinds of people - if you’re looking for a great location with tons of cozy bars and exciting shops this could be the place for you! If you don’t live here, be sure to hang out here, lounge on a patio and do some people watching or updating your wardrobe in the fashion forward shops.
There are tons of bars to be explored in Glockenbachviertel, but Bar Trisoux stands out because of it’s award-winning interior design and outstanding drinks. Make sure to stop by!

If you want to live in Glockenbachviertel, we have an apartment for you.



Haidhausen is commonly described as a village in the middle of the city. What was once a working-class neighbourhood is now a booming residential area. It’s known to be a tight knit community with lots of classical bavarian restaurants and food markets. Despite its traditional features it’s a very trendy area!

It’s a great place to live for people of all backgrounds and phases of life. With tons of greenspace and river-front areas - this neighbourhood attracts and welcomes everyone. If you’re looking for the feeling of living in a small and peaceful village, whilst being in the heart of a city, this is the place for you! If you don’t live here, be sure to visit the area to watch sports events in the company of a passionate community or to spend the afternoon at one of their many beer gardens.

Visit Müller’sches Volksbad a historic art nouveau style swimming pool and sauna. It originally opened in 1901, so they really know what they’re doing! It also has a Roman bath and a café.

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Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt is a very popular area and when you see it, you will know why! This neighbourhood is centrally located with tons of charming, well-maintained buildings. It runs along the Isar river (maybe you guessed that from the name) which means there are plenty of scenic places to relax and take a dip in the summer.

The Theresienwiese, where the famous Oktoberfest and other smaller festivals like the Frühlingsfest take place every year, is also located in this neighbourhood transforming the whole area into a big party zone for a couple of weeks.

It is a popular area for young professionals and students. If you’re looking for an area buzzing with young people and plenty of things to do, this could be a great neighbourhood for you! Be sure to check it out on a hot summer day, bring a picnic and take a swim!


Visit Alte Utting, probably the strangest restaurant and beer garden in Munich. It’s a boat standing on a bridge - yes, you read that right - go try it out!
Bahnwärter Thiel A part of the old meatpacking district was transformed into a bar, club and culture area with different events. Make sure to check the program here:

If you want to live in Isar, we have an apartment for you!



Maxvorstadt is one of the best areas for arts and culture, in fact it’s commonly known as the museum quarter. Home to two major universities and plenty of small and large businesses - you might never need to leave this borough!

Without lacking historical significance, this area is newer than most of Munich as it was a planned extension of the city. You will notice wider streets with a modern grid pattern. This area is shaped by the universities, so you will find plenty of young people living here and lots of bars and restaurants to entertain them!

If you want to be immersed in the cultural centre then this is the area for you! If you’re passing by be sure to visit either the old, new, or modern Pinakothek art museums.

For one of the best rooftop cafes in Munich, visit Café im Vorhoelzer Forum. It has a stunning view over Munich, all the way to the Alps. It’s part of a university but all guests are welcome.

If you want to live in Maxvorstadt, we have an apartment for you!



Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is Munich’s most populated neighbourhood, it’s known for its architecture and parks! This area is popular among families, young professionals, artists, and students. Though it’s an historical area, there are plenty of modern apartment buildings. If you look at Neuhausen-Nymphenburg on a map it might look like it’s a bit far outside the city centre but rest assured it is well connected and there are plenty of things to do!

If you're a sporty individual or family, this could be a great neighbourhood for you! There are two major parks in this area, Schloss Nymphenburg and Olympiapark. If you’re just coming for a visit be sure to work up an appetite in the parks and then head to a local restaurant for some amazing food!

As it is more of a residential area, there are not too many bars in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg. However, Bar du Port is a small hidden gem for locals who want to enjoy a cozy evening.

If you want to live in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, we have an apartment for you!



Obergiesing is located to the south east of the city centre and has a mix of residential and business. This is a hip and upcoming area, attracting a diverse group of people and ages. It’s known to be one of the most affordable central areas of Munich. There are many great places to be discovered in Obergiesing; it doesn’t have one main area with all the bars and cafes so it’s a great spot if you love to find hidden gems and show them to your friends.

It’s known to have maintained the charm of a town despite being a bustling metropolis. If you’re looking for an international relaxed atmosphere, obergiesing could be the neighborhood for you! If you want to check out the area, research some shops and cafes and spend the day strolling around Obergiesing.

If you like hiking and cycling be sure to visit the Perlacher Forst - it’s a beautiful forest with a lot of paths and trails to be discovered.

If you want to live in Obergiesing, we have an apartment for you.



Schwabing is probably the most iconic of Munich’s neighborhoods, its home to the English Garden and enjoys a global reputation as a bohemian and artistic hotspot. Many great writers, artists, and thinkers have lived in Schwabing and have made it into the creative hub that it remains today. It’s a very well connected area and near to commercial areas where many industry giant’s have headquarters.

Schwabing is full of shops, restaurants and galleries. If you walk around the neighbourhood you will be sure to pick up on the creative energy. If you're a creative type and/or working for one of larger companies (BWM, Amazon etc) living here is a great option! If you visit for the day be sure to check on lots of galleries and absorb the creative spirit.

Visit Elisabethmarkt, an open air food market where you can find all kinds of fresh food and delicacies, it’s been there for over 100 years! 

If you want to live in Schwabing, we have an apartment for you!


You Can’t Go Wrong In Munich!


There is plenty to consider when figuring out what area to live in! It can be challenging to find an apartment in Munich, so make sure you know what you’re looking for so you don’t settle! Be sure to consider all factors (not just monetary ones) when deciding on a place to live and balance them out in your budget. Where you live has a big impact on your everyday life and your experience of a city! Co-living can be a great way to find a home in a central location and to meet other people in a similar phase of life! The great thing about Munich is that all areas are very safe and very international, so no matter where you live you should feel safe and welcomed!

*The first month rent is free to all new members joining before February 2021, based on availability.

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