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Open days at Munich International School: Making students future-ready

January • 2nd, 2020
By Munich International School

The Makers' Laboratory at Munich International School


Since opening in September 2018, the new Makers’ Laboratory at Munich International School has become a hive of activity, with MIS students taking full advantage of these new facilities and resources in many new ways:


3D printing of mathematical patterns, earthquake models, iPhone cases and individual components for Science experiments.


• The laser cutter has been used by students to test cut patterns and designs for project work.


• Students have employed the vinyl cutter in Art and in designing a new check-out system for our iPads and Apple Pencils.


• The sewing machines have been utilised to up-cycle various textiles and materials that might have otherwise

simply been discarded.


• The A/V room and greenscreen, in conjunction with the iPads and Touch cast application, have been used in classes to produce news broadcasts, talk shows and narratives of written stories.

The new Makers’ Lab at MIS is a part of the resource-rich environment.

Why is 'making' a crucial element of learning for all?


The best schools provide opportunities in all subject areas for students to explore and find answers to questions they have about the world around them. Part of the formula for this is having skilled, knowledgeable teachers who address the needs of all students in a supportive, resource-rich environment.” (Mervis, 2011) The new Makers’ Lab at MIS is a part of this resource-rich environment.


At MIS, the goal for making is to build on and complement the learning that is taking place in classrooms. It is also about giving MIS students opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned in different contexts. The making’ movement is about providing interdisciplinary integration of subjects to solve real world problems. This means students need to access knowledge and skills from many disciplines to complete tasks.


It is also about differentiating learning for students and giving choice in the way they can show their understandings. Being able to ‘make’ adds to further developing their IB learner profile attributes such as being an inquirer, a communicator and through being reflective. This type of learning is more relevant to students' current and future lives. It also reinforces the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills that are so valuable in the workforce. ‘Making’ gives learning purpose and context and is more likely to intrinsically motivate students to want to find out more. It contributes to the 21st century definition of learning in the world's best schools:


“Learning is a process that engenders and reinforces every students' desire to know more.” – Richardson1.


If you want to learn more about ‘making’ and more at MIS, please join us at our upcoming Open Days 15 January and 5 February 2020 (both days at 10:30 and 13:30). Register here:


Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact our Admissions Office on +49 (0) 8151 366 120/121 or to arrange a visit.


1 Richardson, Will. Learning Today, Learning Tomorrow: Reimagining Schools in the Connected World. IB Global Conference. Vienna, Austria. Friday, 5 October 2018



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