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How learning German will give your expat experience in Germany a boost

October • 9th, 2019
by Expat in the City Team

Not sure why you should learn German?


Did you know about 220 million people speak German worldwide? And there are six countries in Europe where they speak German? And that it is the second most spoken language in Europe?  Ok, enough with the Wikipedia facts, but they do show that when you learn to speak German it is definitely more useful than just using it to make small talk with the German cashier in the supermarket.


We know that learning German is no picnic and that when you move here for only a limited time you probably feel it might be too difficult to master before you leave again. However, we can guarantee it totally makes sense to give it a go. Why you say? Well, here are seven reasons why learning German is a good idea.


If not now, then when?

The quickest and perhaps best way to learn a new language is to be in a situation where you need to speak the language and hear it around you continuously. So living in Germany is the greatest opportunity you will ever have to learn German. Ask yourself if not now, then when? This opportunity will not come again. Seize it and enjoy learning something new!


It increases the chances of landing yourself a (volunteer) job

In most companies in Germany the common working language is German. Even though the number of English speakers is increasing this is still a fact. Speaking German really gives you an advantage and increases your chances of landing your dream job.


It makes it easier to make German friends

Language connects people. If you don’t speak the same language it is more difficult to share your feelings, thoughts and ideas. Because of language we understand each other and it is easier to live together. Learning the language of the locals will give you a better understanding of all things German. Go out and join a club in Munich and meet Germans. In Munich there are many, many Vereine (clubs) you can join. Being part of a club is an important part of German life.

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Germans really appreciate if you make an effort

You can expect a lot of enthusiastic responses and compliments when you make an effort to speak German. Don’t worry about making mistakes, we all make them when learning something new. Remember just doing it is better then doing it perfectly. If the shoe was on the other foot you also wouldn’t make fun of someone trying to speak your language right?


German is a beautiful and versatile language

It might not sound or feel like it at the beginning, but German is a beautiful language and many great novels were originally written in German. How about Faust from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Death in Venice by Thomas Mann or the poetry from Herman Hess? If you learn German a new world of beautiful literature, but also movies, theater and music opens up for you.


Learning German with others is an opportunity to create new friendships

When you join a course or class you will meet lots of new people who are just like you learning something new. It is nice to have people around you who are in the same boat; with whom you can share experiences, practice together and that can support you when you are discouraged. Who knows what life long friendships can come from it?


When you know German, you can really get to know Germany

A new language can help you to understand people and see the world through their eyes. You discover a new way of life, experience new habits and realise there are more and different ways to, for example, celebrate birthdays or raise your children. Some things are better, others are simply different.


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