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10 tips to stay cool in Munich this summer

June • 6th, 2022
by the Expat in the City Team

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10 things to do in Munich when it's hot outside


It's summer in Munich! With temperatures up to and over 25 degrees it's time again for sunglasses, flip flops, sunscreen, lazy afternoons and long summer nights. We love it! Munich has much to offer for things to do in summer that will help to keep your cool during the hot summer days. Here are a some tips from the Expat in the City Team to for things to do and keep cool when it's hot outside.


Fun in the sun at one of Munich's outdoor swimming pools


Munich has a nice selection of outdoor swimming pools that are open in summer. The City of Munich website has made a list of all pools. Check it out to see which one is near you  One of our favorites is Naturbad Maria Einsiedel. The Isar channel flows right through the swimming pool. It's chlorine free, which is a big bonus! Apply enough sunscreen and cool off in the swimming pool during those hot summer days.


Tip: due to the corona virus measures for most swimming pools in Munich you have to reserve your admission at least one day before. Make sure to check before you go.


Catch the summer sunset in Munich on a city rooftop


A rooftop is always a good idea for spending summer evenings. A cool breeze, a nice view and a tasty drink in hand make for a great holiday feeling. Munich has quite a few rooftops to enjoy. Our tip for a roof top drink: The Mahjong Roof Garden. Great place for hot summer nights in style.


Take a dip in one of the lakes near Munich. Our tip: Steinsee

There are many beautiful lakes to chose from close to Munich. You can take the train to Starnberg or Ammersee or take a drive to the beautiful Chiemsee. One of our favorites is the smaller lake Steinsee in Niederseeon. A small lake surrounded by trees, the water is not too cold, there is a restaurant and a play area for children. A great place to spend the day!


Find a spot in the shade near the Isar


The river Isar runs through Munich from south to north and runs straight trough the green heart of Munich: the Englisher Garten. The water flows from the mountains so it is icy cold, bringing some cooler air right along side it. Take a stroll next to the Isar and find a nice shaded spot on the shore, bring some tea (yes, drinking tea works better than a cold drink!) and enjoy the cool breeze the water brings. In some places you can even venture into the water for a refreshing swim.


Go to the movies (it’s dark and cool)


If you want to get out of the sun for a bit, then going to the cinema is great idea. It’s dark, it’s cool, there are plenty of refreshments and you don’t have to move an inch to be entertained. Cinema on the Nymphenburgerstrasse has a selection of movies in original language (which often means English). Check out their current screenings for an afternoon or evening of cool entertainment. 


Take a bath (not too cold!) at home


For some solutions you don’t need to go far at all. Taking a lukewarm bath or shower at home will help you to cool down and feel fresh again. Make sure that the water is not too cold. If the water is cold your body will think it has to warm up and you’ll get even hotter! Other tips to stay cool at home: drink lots of water, place a cold towel in your neck and remain calm.


Go swimming in the Eisbach (in the Englisher Garten)

The Eisbach is a 2 km side arm of the river Isar and runs through the Englisher garten. Officially it is not allowed to swim in it due to strong currents and the fact that you can’t stand everywhere. However, as you will discover, there are a lot of people cooling off in the icy cold water (warning: not for unexperienced swimmers!). A good place to start is the the small surf wave at the ‘Eisbach Liegewiese’.


Go to the mountains near Munich


Up in the mountains it is always cooler. The higher you go, the cooler the temperature. The highest peak of Germany the Zugspitze is only a two hour car ride away. The views are amazing and there is lots of opportunity for hikes. Another Expat in the City favorite (for families with small children) is the mountain near the town Söll, they offer hikes that are suitable for families and on top of the mountain there is a great play area.


Munich goes Venice: Take a gondela ride in the summer sun


Did you know there is a gondela floating around in in the Nymphenburger park in Munich? And that you can book a ride? A great way to cruise along and wave at the strolling crowd. Check out their website to see how you can organise a ride at Nymphenburg.



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream :)


Nothing screams more ‘summer’ in Munich than a lovely, tasty ice cream. One of our favorites ice-cream makers is Icedate . The team at IceDate offers the best ice cream, all-natural ingredients (suitable for vegans too) so you can enjoy your treat and rest assured it’s only the best ingredients! Summer vibes all-around!



Stay cool & healthy : )


Your Expat in the City Team

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