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10 most read Expat in the City articles 2020

December • 23rd, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

10 most read articles

Most popular Expat in the City articles for 2020

2020 started like any other year, but soon it changed into the 'year of Corona'. It is no surprise that quite a few of the articles in our top 10 most read articles is corona related. We have aimed to inform you about the Corona restrictions but also to inspire you about the opportunities that this crisis has posed. 


1. Free Corona tests for everyone in Bavaria - what you need to know

 In July everyone in Bavaria got the opportunity to be tested for Corona. This article explained the details. 


2. Recycling in the City

Corona has put the focus on our well-being and being home a lot more made us all think about the stuff we have at home. Do we need it all, or is it time to get rid of some or our stuff and recycle it? What to recycle where is explained in this article.

3. Pensions in Germany. What you need to know to benefit

Always an important topic. How to provide for your future. Germany has a solid system, but how does it work? And does it also work for expats?

4. Warntag 2020 - what is it?

This year for the first time nation-wide test for all the alarms. In case something goes really wrong you will know where to find the necessary information.

5. Covid-19 regulation update for Germany - traveling, corona-warn-app, events and more!

The corona rules change so many times. It is no wonder you are looking for updates on this. Can you travel, where can you travel, and how does the corona warn app work? 

6. Driving in Germany - The Autobahn Rules

As traveling abroad was not allowed (or discouraged) people stayed in Germany for their holidays. Taking your (rental) car to your German holiday destination was not uncommon. This could explain why this articles is in this years top 10. Drive safe everyone!

7. No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone: volunteer work in Munich

Want to help out now that you have more time? Here is a list of volunteer work in Munich. Thanks for helping out!

8. Investment 101 for Expats in Germany – Make Your Money Work for You!

In times of uncertainty it is certainly good to know your finances are in order. One of the ways to secure your financial future is by investing your money. This article explains the basis and how you can make your money work for you!

9. Traveling in Germany: our favourite 2020 summer destinations!

Once summer came, life almost went back to normal and we could enjoy freedom of traveling. Our list of German top destination was an inspiration for great fun in the sun. 

10. The German social security system explained

In Germany the social security systems takes care of you when you no longer can. However, things have changed and it is no longer that easy. This article explains how the system works and what you can do to prepare for when things go wrong.


We hope 2021 will be less corona and filled with all kinds of things that inspire us to live our best lives. Let's hope that everything that happened will lead to  something beautiful! 



Happy New Year! 

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