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House hunting in Munich: things you should know

August • 19th, 2019
by Expat in the City Team

Tips to finding a home in Munich


Apartment or flat hunting in Munich can be quite complicated, there are so many of us working, loving and wanting to live in this great city!


Here are some tips that can help if you’re looking for a short or long term stay and don’t know how to start your search.


1. The German housing vocabulary:


You may want to get familiarized with the terms used in the housing ads.


Rooms: You may know that ‘Zimmer’ means ‘room’, so a one room apartment is basically a flat with everything in one room, except for the bathroom. A three room apartment or ‘3 Zimmer Wohnung’ is a flat with 2 bedrooms and a living/dining room. 


Kitchen: only if listed as a ‘separate Küche’, will be in a separate room and does not count as a room. If a ‘Kochniche’ is mentioned, it means that there is a small kitchenette mainly in a corner of the living room.


Renting costs: You want to know how high the monthly costs will be, look for the term ‘Miete’ which is the monthly cost for the apartment.

  • ‘Kaution’ is the money you pay to the landlord as a guarantee and when you leave the apartment and cancel the contract, if the apartment is in very good to excellent conditions, you will get this money back. 
  • The ‘Provision’ is the money you will pay to the realtor or ‘Immobilienmakler’, and the amount is usually somewhere between 1 - 3 ‘Monatsmieten (MM)’, one or more monthly rents.
  • The monthly rent is separated into ‘Kaltmiete’, meaning only the rent without additional costs like electricity or heating. ‘Warmmiete’ means that additional costs are included in the amount. Check the description of the costs in the ad.


Guarantees: you might be asked as well for a copy of your employment contract if you are employed in Germany or your bank account statement or a guarantor form signed by your parents if you are a student.

2. How to get an apartment:


It is safer to look for an apartment using recognized ‘Immobilien’ realtors usually via the Internet and don’t trust advertisements that are way cheaper than average. They are usually not real offers.


Option 1: Short term


If you are looking for a short time rental for work limited contract or the time to find a flat suitable for your little or big family, here below the most secure online apart hotels services in Munich:



Option 2: Long term


If you are looking for a home sweet home for the next months/years the fastest and most secure way to find a temporary lodging in Munich is via specialized sites offering temporary housing facilities with all the included comfort and services offered by hotels:



3. Steps to renting an apartment in Munich:


- Search online for trusted websites. Check the recommended list above.

- If you want to rent an apartment use the option for ‘Wohnungen zur Miete’. If you want to buy an apartment, search for ‘Wohnungen zum Kauf’.

- Once you have found an interesting offer, click on ‘Anbieter kontaktieren’ where you will have the option to send the contact person a message, showing your interest in their flat and giving them your contact information.

- If the ‘Makler’ or ‘realtor’ contacts you, you may get an appointment to visit the apartment.

- A good idea is to look for professional help and let a realtor do the search and first contact for you.



Should you need any further support on how to proceed, our Expat Consultants are here to help!

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