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Hitzefrei for kids in Bayern this week?

June • 24th, 2018
by Expat in the City Team

This last week of June is looking to be warm. With lasting temperatures over 30 degrees one might say it is tropical in Bayern! And tropical and going to school, well not the best combination. Surely your kids would agree! Maybe your child has already posed the question: will I get 'hitzefrei this week? 


In Germany kids can get free from school during the very hot days. This is called hitzefrei. There are no official rules regarding this and every school decides for itself whether or not they will close the school. Your child could be lucky, but also not-so lucky and still have to go to school.


So what are the criteria for hitzefrei?

The Bayern Kulturministerium states: when concentrated learning in the classroom is no longer possible then the school could grant 'hitzefrei'. It is the temperature of within the classroom that determines the decision not the outside temperature. In general it is 27 degrees that marks as the tipping point. But beware the school does NOT have to follow this.


Stay cool this week! Drink lots of water, wear a hat, don't forget sunscreen and take it easy the coming days!




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