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Get ready to travel - 5 steps to take!

July • 18th, 2019
by Omayma

If you like to travel and you live in Munich you are one lucky expat!


With its super central location, Munich is the ideal starting point for exploring European destinies near and (not so) far. Especially if you are not from Europe you’ll be amazed about the limited travel time between all these ‘must-see-bucket-list’ places.


And if your job allows you to work remote you are double lucky. This means you can work and travel at the same time and you are as they say a Digital Nomad. So why not pack your bag, your laptop, your passport and go explore the world! But before you do that here are some steps you should take first.


1. Pick a destination (or destinations)

Perhaps the most difficult and at the same time most exciting step: decide where to go. There are so many great destinations to chose from. It of course depends on what you’re into. Do you like to mostly relax on a beach in Sardinia, or are your more into adventurous activities such as hiking in the Alps. Do you travel alone with just a backpack or with your family with lots of luggage?


There are many ways to help you make your decision. From reading travel blogs to travel coaches (yes, they exist!) to reading reviews on travel sites such as What helps a lot to narrow down the options, is making a list with the five things that are most important for your next destination. If the destination you found doesn’t check all the boxes, then it’s on to the next option. Happy hunting! :)


2. Decide how you want to travel to your destination

You can fly, drive, take the train or even go on your bike :) Nowadays there is a lot of talk about sustainable travel, meaning you chose the means of travel that puts the least strain on the environment. Of course if you travel overseas not taking a plane is near impossible. But if you travel within Europe the train is actually a really good alternative. Whether you go by plane or train, at the destination you can rent a car to get to your final destination. Or how about cruising Europe in your car? Even if you don’t own a car, there are many possibilities to rent a car for the holidays. Check out the Sixt website for the different options.


3. Get travel insurance

Medical insurance sounds so technical and confusing, and who knows if you'll need it, so why pay for it anyway? But that's the thing - you won't need it until you really NEED it. Travel insurance is tricky and expensive, and somehow doesn't seem to work well with our nomadic life. Through our search on the Internet we came across SatefyWing, a medical travel insurance founded by 3 digital nomads from Norway. They’ve created a global safety net made to protect nomads worldwide. Wherever you are from, and wherever you are traveling, you should feel safe in case something happens. For $37 for four weeks with a simple subscription plan that automatically extends until you cancel it. Check out their service offering here.

Travel delays, lost checked luggage, emergency response, natural disaster replacement accommodations and personal liability...

4. Make sure you have the correct travel documents

Very important: Is your passport still valid? For some countries your passport needs to be valid for at least six months. In general for most European destination you don’t need additional visa, however that also depends a bit, depending your nationality. Important to check beforehand what is necessary for you and not be surprised at the border!


5. Make arrangements for your house

Now that you have everything sorted and are almost ready to go make sure you leave your house safe. Turn of electrical appliances, empty your refrigerator, care for your plants, ask someone to pick up your mail every now and then and then before you close the door make your final check and go and explore the world!


Have fun and be safe!

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