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News / From green zero to green hero: A sustainable love story in Munich

From green zero to green hero: A sustainable love story in Munich

January • 30th, 2022
by Expat in the City

the green pill munich

When the Irish comedian Mel Kelly met his green princess on a park bench in Munich, he was living in sustainability La La Land. McDonald's was his preferred quick fix for hunger and „green" was a description for his Island- The terms reducing, reusing, recycling were as foreign to him as „global warming" to Donald Trump.


But this was a long time ago. When we created „The green pill-the show“ together with our partner Perfect Accident creative services at the end of 2020, he had already been past his first hurdles and becoming a true inspiration for his colleagues at work in all things sustainable.


He grew into an admired role model, not only by them and his friends but first and foremost for the green Croatian princess whose love to conquer incited him to start his journey as a green warrior.


He figured out „Wertstoffhof“ and „Abfallwirtschaft München“ (and not only the spelling) and has ever since has been an inspirational speaker on this topic in his work canteen and beyond.


Watch the story on how he evolved from green neanderthal to wanting to save the planet and how he managed to conquer the heart of the green princess and other Expats in Munich alike with a romantic Pizza dinner under shooting stars at the Isar river…


green pill video link



It´s love that make the world go green! 


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