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Free corona tests for everyone in Bavaria: What you need to know

July • 7th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

Faster, free of charge and for everyone


Starting 1 July everyone living in Bavaria can get a free Corona test. Up till now it was only for people with symptoms and people who were at risk. Bavaria is the first federal state to implement this testing protocol. The motto is ‘Faster, free of charge and for everyone’. At the moment it possible to test 20.000 people per day, this is planned to be scaled up to 30.000 a day.

Why free testing for everyone?

The priority now lies to find suspected cases as soon as possible and find out who they’ve been in contact with. That’s why anyone gets the opportunity to get tested and get the result promptly. Many corona tests, even in people with no symptoms, are an "early warning system" - and could prevent a larger spread.

Where can you get tested?

Initially you can request a test at your doctor’s office. However, doctors are not obliged to test anyone. Should many not want to conduct a test, a list will be created of medical professionals where people can turn to. The test result should be known within 24 hours.

Who pays the costs?

For people with symptoms, the respective health insurance company often already pays the cost of a corona test. In all cases in which the health insurers are not obliged to pay, the Free State of Bavaria now pays - primarily for people who want to be tested without symptoms.

How often can you get tested?

Everyone can be tested as often as they want. It is not limited to one test. After all, there are always situations in which an infection can occur.

Can you leave out the mask after a negative test?

No. A negative test result does not release anyone from keeping their distance from others and wearing a mask. You can still be infected by other people. A negative test is only a snapshot in time.

Can you also be tested when you don’t live in Bavaria?

The announced free corona tests are primarily intended only for residents registered in Bavaria. Not for tourist or people who live in other states. However, exceptions are conceivable, for example if someone stays in Bavaria for professional reasons - or has had a doctor here for a long time despite living in another federal state.






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