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Finding (bi-lingual) daycare in Munich

November • 4th, 2021
by Expat in the City Team

childcare in Munich

Childcare in Germany – some numbers


In Germany, bringing your child(ren) to daycare is common practice, especially for children between the ages of 3-6. For example, in Bavaria, 91,8% of children between 3-6 are in some form of daycare. For the little ones, 0-6 years, this number is a bit lower, 29.3% to be precise (source: The high number of children in daycare also means that daycare in Germany is well organized and widely available. In fact, since 1 August 2013, children from the age of one are legally entitled to receive care and support in a childcare facility with a childminder, whether the parent works or not. The flip side of this is that in some areas or cities the demand for daycare is higher than the availability, meaning that there can be a waiting list as spots are limited.


Our advice, start your search early so that you have enough time to find the right one for your child! With this article, we aim to make your journey into finding the right daycare for your mini-me’s in Munich a little easier.


Different forms of childcare in Germany


In Germany, you will find different forms of daycare. Let’s start with a little daycare lingo:


Kita is short for Kindertagesstätte which means daycare facility, you will see this term a lot when looking for daycare in Germany.

Kinderbetreuung means childcare

Kinderkrippe or Krippe means creche/ nursery

Kindergarten means preschool


Kitas (Kindertagesstätten= day care centers)

A day-care center (Kita) is a place where your child is taken care of by professional educators either for part of the day or full-day. It is a generic term used for organizations, either public or private that offer childcare. Some organizations offer everything for all ages some are specifically for an age group. In Germany, there are many rules and regulations for childcare facilities to ensure the safety of the children and staff. The rules are enforced regularly, so you can rest assured that whatever daycare you choose your child will be in safe hands.


Nurseries (Kinderkrippe)

Nurseries or creches offer (all-day) daycare for children from ages 0 to 3. Babies and toddlers will be taken care of by child educators specialized in young children. Children learn how to play with others, learn songs and play and will be encouraged to experience all kinds of fun things.


Kindergarten or preschool

Kindergartens offer childcare for children from 3 years until they go to school, which in Germany is at 7. In a Kindergarten language development is encouraged, all in a playful manner. Children aged between 3 and 6 are entitled to a place at preschool. 

childcare in Munich

There are quite a few international bi-lingual options available in and around Munich for both Kinderkrippen and Kindergarten. You’ll find a list at the end of this article.

Private or public daycare?


In Germany Kitas, Krippes and Kindergartens can be either privately owned (or subsidized) by the municipality. Both must adhere to the same rules, so quality of care in both is good. In Munich, the city operates around 1.450 daycare centres. This sounds like a lot, however, due to high demand places for these centres are often hard to come by and waiting lists can be quite long. If you are looking for a place ‘right now’, you can choose to look for private daycare. There are many good options that all offer or specialize in something different, so whatever you are looking for, you’ll surely find it.


A selection of private, international childcare organizations in Munich


Munich offers a great variety of public and private institutions to cater to your children's best education and still, the right choice is not always easy to make. Even more so as, especially concerning public Kitas availability is limited, and you often need to apply a long time in advance.


Over the years, Expat in the City has had the honor to get to know and feature some of the best (international) childcare organisations in Munich. We have assembled a selection of our English-speaking trusted partners, as well as a few new ones to provide you with an overview of what is out there in Munich for ‘mini expats’ to support you in caring for and educating your little ones while you are working. We know from experience, how important it is to know your child is in the best hands, learning, playing and growing safely and happily.


So here you go!


Cocon kids

Nursery and kindergarten, two locations, bi-lingual (German, English and French)


Elly & Stoffl

Nursery and kindergarten, bilingual (German, English and French)



Private creches and kindergarten, multiple locations, bilingual, all-day concept


Phorms Campus München

Nursery, kindergarten and preschool (as well primary and secondary school), bilingual



Nursery and preschool, multiple locations, multilingual



Nursery and kindergarten, flexible daycare, all-day concept, bi-lingual.


Busy Bees 

International preschool (English), full-day daycare, mixed-age groups.


Lilli & Lori

Montessori preschool, full-day hours, German & English


International house for kids

Nursery and kindergarten, bilingual, three locations


Bavarian International School 

International School also offers three years of Kinderdgarten, English




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