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FFP2 mask requirement in Bavaria - what you need to know

January • 14th, 2021
by the Expat in the City Team

FFP2 mask in Bavaria

FFP2 mask requirement from Monday in Bavaria


From Monday 18 January you have to wear a FFP2 mask in public spaces in Bavaria. This was announced by Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder. The requirement applies to public transport and shops.


What is a FFP2 mask?


FFP is an abbreviation for ‘Filtering Face Piece’. These masks are divided into three categories - 1 to 3. The different categories correspond to how many aerosols the masks can filter. FFP2 masks protect against particles, droplets and aerosols and filter up to 94 percent of the particles from the air. This means that they can also offer good protection against the coronavirus.


Who needs to wear a FFP2 mask?


Everyone 15 years and older has to wear a mask in local public transport and shops. Since most shops are closed in lockdown, this currently applies to supermarkets, pharmacies, opticians or pet stores. In retail, the FFP2 mask requirement only applies to customers, but not to employees.


Additionally, in Bavaria for a few weeks now, visitors to old people's homes as well as care and disabled facilities are required to wear a FFP2 mask.


Where can I buy FFP2 masks?


The masks are sold in drugstores, pharmacies and also online. Prices are currently between one and five euros. It is worthwhile to do some research to check prices at different stores. Masks are also available via ‘Click & Collect’ in hardware stores. 


Are FFP2 alternatives also allowed?


Equivalents to FFP2, such as masks with the identifier KN95 or N95 are also allowed. For both these and FFP2 masks, the TÜV advises paying attention to the test standard, CE mark and a four-digit number that allows you to check the standard of the test institute. Be aware of cheap alternatives offered online!


Guidelines for using the FFP2 mask properly


A FFP2 mask is only effective if it is worn properly. Here is what you need to keep in mind:


- wash or disinfect your hands well before placing the mask

- place the mask over your nose and mouth

- the edges of the mask must be close to your face

- bend the metal nosepiece so that no breath escapes via the top

- remove the mask using the straps only, not the mask itself

- replace the mask regularly



Stay safe!





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