News / Expert in the City: An Interview with Gavin Carey from Mr. Lodge

Expert in the City: An Interview with Gavin Carey from Mr. Lodge

January • 14th, 2018
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expert in the City today: Gavin Carey



Who are you and what do you do? When did you first come to Munich?

My name is Gavin Carey and I am the head of international affairs with Mr. Lodge Real Estate Company. We rent out furnished apartments here in Munich and have a large number of expat clients. I first arrived in Munich in 1994 visiting a friend and fell in love with Munich and Bavaria, back then we used Irish pubs & German Cafes for gathering and exchanging information (days before the internet!)


In what way does Mr. Lodge serve the expat community in Munich?

Gavin Carey: I feel the biggest way we serve expats is that our company and website is set up in many different languages, obviously English and German, but we are very proud to have a team of multi lingual employees speaking over 16 different languages. Finding a property is notoriously difficult in Munich but I think Mr. Lodge can safely claim that we make the entire rental process a much more pleasant and transparent experience for our clients.


You were an exhibitor at the Expat in the City Fair. Why is this important you?

Gavin Carey: To be very honest we did not know what to expect last year when we decided to sign up. The main reason we joined in was we felt that we wanted to show our presence in the Expat community and build up relationships with the attendees, both other exhibitors and guests. The reason why we are joining in again this year is simple, we had a fantastic and successful day last year, meeting potential new customers and also clients we had rented out to before, including a current client who had locked herself out of her apartment that day and we called our locksmith for her, that was a very nice experience for us to be able to help out a client by just both being at the fair together!

View on Gärtnerplatz (Photo: Constanze Sabathil)

"My favorite spot, that is difficult, there are so many… I would have to go with Gärtnerplatz"

Do you have some encouraging words or advice for expats in the city?

Gavin Carey: Yes, like I mentioned, the Munich rental market is tough, you need to have patience and be flexible. Talk to colleagues and pretty much anybody you meet, word of mouth still works despite the internet age! Tell everyone you are looking for an apartment and ask them if they know of anyone moving. If possible have a German speaker support you when searching for a property, many landlords don’t speak English very well.


What is your favorite spot in Munich and why?

Gavin Carey: My favorite spot, that is difficult, there are so many… I would have to go with Gärtnerplatz and the walk between Reichenbachstr. and Viktualienmarkt, strolling through that neighbourhood popping into the local shops and boutiques and afterwards a fresh juice (or beer) and stroll around Viktualienmarkt, this will never lose its charm for me.


Three tips for expats in the city:

Gavin Carey: Get connected, there are many clubs and meet ups available for expats, just check online (Expat in the city website, Toytown etc.); Learn German, yes, most locals speak some English but you will reap the benefits and I truly believe in order to really experience a city, one must learn the local language; Watch out for bike paths!



Thank you for your time, Gavin!



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