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Expert in the City: An Interview with Andra Barboni from AMIGA

December • 18th, 2017
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expert in the City today: Andra Barboni (AMIGA)


Who are you and what do you do? When did you first come to Munich?

Andra Barboni: My name is Andra Barboni, I’m the project leader of the project AMIGA. I was born in Romania. 1993 me and my family, we moved to a small town close to Munich. I studied Ethnology at the LMU and started to work for AMIGA 2013, when the project started in June.


In what way do you serve the expat community in Munich and why is it important to you?

Andra Barboni: The AMIGA project supports international professionals to find a job in Munich. We offer various forms of support, e.g. consultations, seminars and jobcafes.

AMIGA is financed by the Department of Labor and Economic Development, from City of Munich. This is why the offers are free of charge.

As a project providing guidance and advice we are a first contact point for skilled internationals. It is important for us to give an overview of the possibilities, chances and obstacle entering Munich’s labor market. We pass on information in a target-oriented manner and work in a low-threshold manner, aiming to prepare and to empower internationals in Munich, who are looking for a job.


"Ask questions; stay positive; learn German"

Do you have some encouraging words or advice for expats in the city?

Andra Barboni: Prepare and inform yourself before moving to Munich (Bavaria). Even if Munich is a very international city, there are many specific details you should keep in mind, when you are looking for a job. The most successful way to find a job is via personal contacts, therefore try to build a network, especially with locals.


What is your favorite spot in Munich and why?

Andra Barboni: Donnersberger Brücke, because there I experience Munich to be a real large city, trains are arriving and leaving and it’s kind of transitory, inspiring place to me.


Three tips for expats in the city:

Andra Barboni: Ask questions; stay positive; learn German




Thank you for your time, Andra!



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