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Expat in the City: An Interview with Lydia from the US

January • 25th, 2018
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expat in the City today: Lydia


Who are you and where are you from? Since when are you in Munich? What do you do?

Lydia: My name is Lydia Siebler – I’m an American who was born in Munich and moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 1994. My desire to rediscover my German roots brought me back on a study abroad semester to Lüneburg in 2008. Unable to get Germany off of my mind, I moved back in 2011 on a Fulbright Scholarship and haven’t looked back since. It’s been fun and challenging to rebuild my career path abroad – I’ve worked within the nonprofit and educational industries and currently manage marketing initiatives for an international business school. This February I’ll begin my MBA studies in International Business. It’s exciting to be part of the growing international community in Munich and see this reflected within Munich’s increasing demand for international education.


In what way did Expat in the City connect and inspire you?

LydiaFrom what I’ve experienced, Expat in the City has put Munich’s expat community on the map, creating in-person and now online platforms for us to connect. I have worked with Expat in the City since the inaugural fair in 2015. At that time, there was a lot enthusiasm to continue the Fair and it’s been exciting to see Expat in the City grow into what it is today. The Fair has consistently been a wonderful opportunity to network and build connections. I have discovered new business partners and career opportunities and laid the basis for many new relationships. In fact, my current job and MBA program were both the results of conversations at the Expat in the City Fair.


What would your advice be to expats in Munich?

Lydia: I would urge expats to ‘stick with it’ and prioritize learning German. Learning a foreign language allows you to tap into a deeper level of cultural understanding and break down biases and preconceived notions. Language courses are also a fantastic way to meet other people who are new to the city!


"There really is no place like Munich!"

What does best define Munich for you?

Lydia: Munich is a lifestyle – It’s meeting up with friends at the local beergarten, singing with 5,000 of my best friends at Oktoberfest, plunging into the icy waters of the Isar, 5am road trips to the Alps for a day of skiing. It’s also the heimweh (homesickness) I feel when I’m away. There really is no place like Munich!


Places or things you love:

Lydia: I can’t get enough of Munich’s many green spaces and its proximity to the Alps. There is nothing better than hopping on my bicycle to spend a sunny day along the Isar with my husband, going for a run in the Englischer Garten or driving out to Ettal for a Sunday hike with friends. I also love Munich’s beer garden culture. An afternoon at the Hofbräukeller or Max Emanuel can be a wonderful way to meet new people and practice your German skills.


Thank you for your time, Lydia!



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