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Expat in the City: An Interview with Daniel from Israel

December • 18th, 2017
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expat in the City today: Daniel


Who are you and where are you from? Since when are you in Munich? What do you do?

Daniel: I am Daniel, Israeli, in Munich since 2013. I came to Munich with my German partner and a beautiful little boy (Since then an amazing little girl as well). I studied Digital Media design in Israel, got a sound engineering degree in UK, lived and operated thousand years in Mozambique and now I am working in a Technical Support for SimonsVoss.


In what way did Expat in the City connect and inspire you?

Daniel: I met the Expat in the City organizers quite at the beginning of their adventure, and Barbara and Elisabeth are truly inspiring characters. Their winning optimism and ability to bring people to work together have been a stirring example. Fair itself has a perfect combination of exhibitors, with a wonderful mixture of informative materials and fun.


What would your advice be to expats in Munich?

Daniel: Don’t stay home. Go out and explore this amazing city with everything it has to offer, meet other people, enjoy the nature and accessibility and most importantly, smile.

"(...) most importantly, smile"

What does best define Munich for you?

Daniel: For me, Munich is a joy of riding a bicycle, being able to choose every day something else from thousands of activities in the city, meeting incredible people all the way and taking a special pleasure of an actual four seasons with all their glory.


Places or things you love:

Daniel: I love going to traditional beer gardens and ordering Bavarian food. I find a special joy in cycling through the city with kids and discovering new and exciting playgrounds. As well, Munich is a place that offers tons of concerts, and some perfect parties. And of course, stunning nature in Munich and its surrounding is simply priceless.



Thank you for your time, Daniel!



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