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Expat: An Interview with Expat in the City's very own Elisabeth Egger

January • 5th, 2018
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expert and Expat in the City today: Elisabeth Egger


Who are you and what do you do? When did you first come to Munich?

Elisabeth Egger: My name is Elisabeth Christina Egger. I was born and grew up in Tenerife, the most beautiful of the Canary Islands ;-) And I have been living in Munich for almost 23 years now. 

I am one of the founders of Expat in the City and together with my partner Barbara we love to find ways to inspire internationals and connect them to people, places and businesses this beautiful city has to offer. 



In what way did Expat in the City connect and inspire you?

Elisabeth Egger: The initial inspiration came through working with internationals in Munich in my language school. The curiosity and braveness with which they all approached the challenge of building their new life abroad inspired me. The courage and tenacity they showed in overcoming the obstacles and hurdles impressed me.

I found that there were two sides to the story of reinventing your life abroad and, having started from scratch myself in Munich many years ago, I wanted to create something that would make it easier to connect to the city and to stay „on the bright side“ during this experience. This is when I met Barbara, an expat living in Munich and former „third culture kid“ like myself – and we decided to make our experience our mission.

Expat in the City connected us to countless open-minded and wonderful people, internationally oriented businesses, creative, courageous entrepreneurs, driven and passionate people from Munich and from all over the world whose eagerness to co-create with us inspired us beyond measure.


"Mingle, 'minga,' be curious – and enjoy the ride."

What would your advice be to expats in Munich?

Elisabeth Egger: My advice would be: use this opportunity to meet new people and to discover new things, about your environment and about yourself. As an expat, you are put in the position of having to "redo" your life circumstances. Your network and all that is familiar to you is no longer surrounding you and this is not always easy – but it holds the gift of creating and finding new, unexpected treasures. Mingle, "minga"*, be curious – and enjoy the ride.


*„Minga“ is the Bavarian term for Munich as well as a Quechua word for getting together, helping each other in a community and celebrating together


What does best define Munich for you?

Elisabeth Egger: Freedom and opportunity in a safe haven. You get so many chances to enjoy nature without having to leave the city: Englischer Garten, Isar, Nymphenburger Schlosspark... At the same time you get all the benefits of a big city, international people, businesses, culture... it's a vibrant city. In a  very "gemütlich" (cosy) way.


Places or things you love:

Elisabeth Egger: As mentioned, Isar is my big love. At any time and season. I like watching the sunset and full moon rise from Olympiaturm and having a run at Nymphenburger Schlosspark. Enjoying some freshly pressed juice and a soup at „Suppenküche“ at Viktualienmarkt and watching the sunset from the Mandarin Oriental, plus thousand things in between. My favorite restaurant at the moment is Nomiya in Haidhausen, a fusion of Bavarian and Japanese food - delicious!!



Thank you for your time, Elisabeth!



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