News / Expat: An Interview with Expat in the City's very own Barbara Bijvank

Expat: An Interview with Expat in the City's very own Barbara Bijvank

January • 5th, 2018
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expat in the City today: Barbara Bijvank


Who are you and what do you do? When did you first come to Munich?

Barbara Bijvank: My name is Barbara Bijvank and I am from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I moved to Munich in 2009 (and moved back to Amsterdam in 2013). Currently, I am working mostly on the online activities at Expat in the City and thinking of ways to grow our platform so we can help more expats to make Munich home.


In what way did Expat in the City connect and inspire you?

Barbara Bijvank: Expat in the City to me is Munich. The amount of amazing people we have met on our journey of founding and growing Expat in the City is endless. It is so inspiring to meet people who follow their passion, who make the most of now, who re-discover themselves in a new city and who, like you, understand what it is to sometimes be ‘lost in the city.’ In the end it really is all about the people around you. And we can say from experience there are a lot of great people out there in the City!

"For me, Munich is associated with living the good life."

What would your advice be to expats in Munich?

Barbara Bijvank: I would advice them to go out and explore the different areas of Munich. For me, it took a little while to find the hidden treasures in Munich. But, being Dutch, I went everywhere on my bicycle and while cycling around (and getting lost every once in a while) I found and discovered many places that you would not see when in the car. So hop on your bike and go out and be surprised and amazed about what Munich has to offer!


What does best define Munich for you? 

Barbara Bijvank: For me, Munich is associated with living the good life. It is clean, there is always something going on be it a festival or local event, it is green, it is located close to beautiful nature, there are so many restaurants for anyone’s taste for reasonable prices, great traditions and lovely souvenirs. :)



Places or things you love:

Barbara Bijvank: I really like the Hohenzollernstraße in Schwabing, small, pretty shops with nice bars and cafes and close to Englischer Garten. Also close is the restaurant Kaiser Garten which I really like.




Thank you for your time, Barbara!



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