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Emergency numbers in Germany – What to do in case you need help urgently

June • 6th, 2022
by Expat in the City

Emergency numbers in Germany

Who to call? The emergency numbers you should know as an expat in Germany  


When I moved to Germany as an expat, one of the lowest moments for me was when I just arrived in Munich. My partner was away on a business trip, it was dark and cold outside (we moved in January, not a good idea…) and I was home alone without a working internet. There I was, home alone in a new country, with no friends or family and literally no-one to call. And at that moment I realised that if something would happen to me, I really had no idea what to do. Who would I call and where would I go? This was a very, very unsettling feeling. Luckily this week (and this feeling) passed without any emergencies and things got a lot better from then on. But just in case you also don’t know what to do in case of an emergency here are some numbers to call.


The emergency numbers to memorize:


110 - Emergency number from the police

Whenever an emergency situation is arising, you feel threatened or a dangerous situation emerges for yourself or others call 110.


112 - Ambulance and fire services

In the event of an accident or fire you call 112. This is the emergency number you can use nation-wide (and also in most European countries). The ambulance service is responsible for life-threatening emergencies (e.g. heart attack, shortness of breath, stroke, serious accidents).


116 117 - Medical on-call service

If medical help is required outside office hours, dial this number. You can call this emergency number no matter where you are in Germany, it will automatically connect you to the nearest on-call medical service.  


If you need medical care (not life threatening) within office hours, you can call your General Practicioner (Hausartzt).


116 111 - The child helpline

The child helpline (Kinder und Jugendtelefon) is for all children, adolescents and young adults who have worries or a problem.


22 8 330 – Pharmacy finder (Apothekenfinder)

If you need a pharmacy you can call this number and they will let you know the nearest pharmacy. There are also pharmacies that are available for emergencies outside regular opening hours. You can also use to find the pharmacy closest to you. If you call from a landline the number is 0049 800 00 22833. 


Where to go in case of a medical emergency in Germany


If you call 112 you will be connected to an operator who will either notify the ambulance, fire brigade or police, depending on your emergency. They will come to you and make sure you receive the help you need. The ambulance will take you to the nearest available hospital. The operator can also decide not to call for an ambulance because the situation is not serious. You will then be told to go to your GP or the A&E department of a hospital. In that case you are responsible for arranging your own transport.


If you can still drive yourself, you can also go directly to the A&E department of a hospital (Notfallzentrum). Every hospital (Krankenhaus or Klinik) has one. Google for ‘Krankenhaus’ or ‘Klinik’ to find a hospital near you. In case you don’t have a car, here you will find numbers for ordering a taxi in Munich:


If you call 116 117 you will be directed to the nearest on call medical service. They will help you and let you know where you can/should go.


For medication (prescription or otherwise) you can go to a public Pharmacy. You can recognize a pharmacy by the big red A. Some pharmacies are open for emergencies. To find out which ones, you can call 22 8 33.


Of course, I hope you will never need to use any of these numbers. But if you do, you will be in good hands! The emergency services in Germany are well organised and you will find the help you need.


Stay healthy & be safe!





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