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Driving in the City: to car or not to car?

February • 6th, 2019
by Constanze Sabathil

In our article Public Transport in the City we wrote about Munich’s excellent public transport. But if you, like the Expat in the City team, have your driver’s license but don’t own a car, there are also a lot of possibilities for Driving in the City.




Driving in a new country or a new city is not for everyone. It can take quite a while to get used to the new traffic rules and driving customs. For example what really surprised one of our expats was the fact that in Munich, it is very common (or at least it happens a lot!) that people honk their horns if you are only a split second too slow at the traffic lights. Doesn’t come across as very friendly, but once you know it, it is not so bad and who knows – you might find yourself doing it after a while.


So if you would like to leave the driving up to someone else, Munich has you covered:


Taxis in Munich

You could choose to take one of the many taxis driving around town. The official Munich taxis can be recognized by the off-white color. In comparison to other cities, the taxi fares are pretty reasonable and the drivers are reliable and friendly. You can find taxi stands all around the city. It is not custom to sign a taxi from anywhere in the street, but it does happen. You can also read more and find out the phone numbers here so you can call them to come pick you up from anywhere in the city.


Uber and CleverShuttle

Munich also has the services uber and CleverShuttle. You probably have seen or maybe even used uber in other cities: With the app, you can get a ride from a driver who usually uses their own vehicle. CleverShuttle also uses an app – and they pride themselves to be eco-friendly as the company uses ”only electric and hydrogen vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids.” In the app, you book where you want to go and a driver will pick you up. If another person is booking a trip with similar destinations, you will be grouped together and share the ride.

Photo by DriveNow

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If you do enjoy exploring the City on four wheels there are also plenty of options to get around in Munich, even if you don’t have your own: DriveNow and car2go to name a couple.

The car sharing service DriveNow exclusively offers cars of the BMW and MINI brands – for example the electric BMWi3. In order to use DriveNow, you can register online, validate your driver’s license, and download the app. With the app, you can then find out where the closest car is parked and reserve that vehicle for up to eight hours (you can reserve it for 15 minutes free of charge). After that, you simply open the car via app – get in and drive. You can park the car in any public parking spot somewhere in the business area of Munich free of charge, so you do not have to worry where to leave it. Refueling/charging the car is included. If you charge or refuel the car when it is below 25%, you get 30 free driving minutes.


Another car sharing service is car2go, which offers smart and Mercedes vehicles. Again you can register online and authenticate your driver’s license. To find the car closest by, get the app and reserve the car. After you have arrived at your destination, just make sure to leave the car within a public parking spot within the servicing area of Munich. You can get 10 free driving minutes if you are below 25% and refuel or charge the vehicle.


We are always eager to learn about something new– so if there are other car- and ride-sharing options you had good experiences with, please let us know!

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