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News / Covid-19 regulation update for Germany - traveling, corona-warn-app, events and more!

Covid-19 regulation update for Germany - traveling, corona-warn-app, events and more!

June • 18th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

The new Covid-19 regulations in June


On Monday, June 16th, the German government has made several new decisions regarding the Covid-19 restrictions.


After months of working at home, social distancing and curfew, things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. With the upcoming summer season, Corona restrictions are again loosened more and more. So as long as we take the according precautions, it feels like we can almost go back to „business as usual“ - at least for the most part!


Here’s the most relevant updates regarding traveling, events, restaurant openings, the new Corona-warning-app and more:




Travels within the EU


Good news for everyone who was concerned about their European summer holidays - Europe is returning to open its borders again! On June 15th, Germany ended the internal border controls with Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Denmark. The last day of controls with Spain will be on June 20th. Meaning that from June 16th or, in the case of Spain, from June 21st, a particular reason to enter Germany or one of the above-mentioned countries is no longer necessary!


Entry regulations from or to third countries


Since the EU Commission has recommended that the travel restrictions already in place for all non-essential travel to the EU from third countries should be extended until June 30th, traveling out of Europe won’t be possible until then. However,  from July 1st, there will be a gradual opening of the EU’s external borders – depending on the corona situation in the respective third country.


If you would like to know the specific corona measures and restrictions for your European holiday destination check out this website developed by the European Union: Re-Open Europe Here you can find anything you need to know!



To avoid a second wave of the virus, the official Corona-Warning-App for Germany is available for download since Monday. The main goal of the app is to trace and break infection chains as quickly as possible. It turns our smartphones into a warning system, informing us if we have come into contact with someone who has been tested positively. It basically works like kind of a safety net to protects us as well as those around us – and luckily also our privacy. The app does not track you or transfer your personal data!


It can be downloaded from the  Google Play Store, Android smartphones and from Apple's App Store for iPhones and is available in English. Also, there’s no obligation to register; everyone can decide if they want to download the app or not, and obviously also deactivate or uninstall it later. 



Events, Concerts and Cinema 


From Wednesday, June 17th, the regulation of meetings between only two households is no longer valid - now up to ten people can meet again in public space. In private locations and gardens there are no longer any numerical restrictions. Family celebrations, birthdays, funerals, weddings, graduation ceremonies or club meetings with 50 people inside and 100 people outdoors are also quite likely to be possible again in the nearest future!


From June 15th, theater, cinema and concert events will be open for the public again in Bavaria, of course also under certain conditions. Indoor events can now take place with up to 100 guests with assigned seats, outdoor area events will be open to up to 200 visitors. The mask requirement applies unchanged for now.


Major events such as folk festivals, village, town, street, wine, shooting or funfair events are expected to remain prohibited until at least the end of October 2020. This means Oktoberfest 2020 for Munich is still cancelled, but then again there's something to look forward to for next year :)



Restaurants, Bars and Clubs


** update June, 21st: Inns, beer gardens and restaurants in Bavaria are now allowed to open again without limitation - there is no curfew for pubs and restaurants anymore. The party crowd still has to stay patient for now since there hasn’t been made an official announcement on club openings yet - but again we'll make sure to keep you posted on any changes :)  



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