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News / Bavaria is easing its Coronavirus restrictions: Here's an overview of the status quo!

Bavaria is easing its Coronavirus restrictions: Here's an overview of the status quo!

May • 11th, 2020
by the Expat in the City Team

The most important restriction updates in Bavaria


As the government is loosening its restrictions regarding Covid-19, we can for now breathe a sigh of relief (wearing a mask, of course!)

Here’s everything you need to know about the current Coronavirus status quo in Germany and Bavaria:


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Although some of the previous regulations have been lifted - contact restrictions (minimizing contacts and keeping a distance of 1.5 meters) and a ban on gathering people in public spaces will remain.

Since Wednesday, May 6th, it has been allowed to meet or visit a person outside of one's own household and also close family members. Since Friday 8th, it is also allowed to meet or visit relatives of a second household - for example, another family.


Gastronomy, Vacation & Hotels:

After weeks of compulsory closure, restaurants and hotels in Bavaria will reopen gradually: Outside areas of restaurants on May 18th, restaurants on May 25, hotels on May 30. Restaurant owners still have to meet a number of requirements -  only a maximum of half of the seats can be filled and tables must be at least two meters apart.

From May 11 onwards vacations in German holiday apartments and houses as well as on campsites, boats and campers are allowed again!

Night owls, however, need to have a bit more patience: bars, pubs and clubs remain closed for now.



As of today, May 11, all shops, including the larger ones, are opening. The previous restriction to a maximum sales area of ​​800 square meters no longer applies. Department stores and shopping malls will also be opened again!



Wearing a mouthgard / mask is compulsory in all shops and public transport!


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Schools will gradually reopen from May 11th onwards for more and more age groups - but only slowly. Graduating classes have been allowed to attend school again since the end of April. Initially, on May 11, all classes that will graduate next year are allowed to return to the schools, as well as the fourth graders at primary schools. From May 18, classroom instruction should be resumed for the following classes: Elementary school: 1st class; Middle school: 5th grade; Secondary school: 5th and 6th grade; High school: 5th and 6th grade. Only after the Pentecost holidays in mid-June there should be face-to-face classes for all students and all ages.

The most important regulations for students at a glance: Class sizes, holidays, masks, high-risk groups - these measures have been defined:

Class sizes: There are divided classes and small groups with a maximum of 15 students. Learning groups should ensure sufficient distance in class.

Masks: Masks are compulsory for students in the hallways and school playground, but not in the classroom.
Attendance: Attendance phases should alternate with learning at home so that classes alternate in school.

Holidays: Nothing changes in the holiday seasons as for public schools. The Pentecost holidays from June 2 to June 12, 2020 and the summer holidays from July 27, 2020 remain. Emergency care is possible during the holidays.

High-risk groups: Teachers who belong to a high-risk group are not required to attend until Pentecost. Affected students can continue to study at home until Pentecost instead of classroom instruction.

Childcare: When all kindergartens and daycare centres can open again remains uncertain. From Monday, May 11, however, certain childcare facilities may reopen, including daycare facilities with up to five children. Mutual private childcare is also permitted in small groups of up to three families.


Zoos and cultural institutions:

Starting today, May 11, zoos, botanical gardens, museums, libraries, galleries, exhibitions and memorials will be able to reopen throughout Bavaria. The Free State is thus implementing a federal-state agreement from the past week. In the theater area, however, there is still a need for clarification and no decision.



Good news for parents: Sinces Wednesday, May 6th, all playgrounds in Bavaria are open again :)


Retirement homes and care:

Bavaria relaxes the strict corona-related ban on visits to hospitals and care facilities: From the weekend, visits from a permanent contact person are again permitted - under strict hygiene and protective measures.



Also starting today, certain individual sports are to be allowed again - such as tennis, athletics, golf and sailing!



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Hang in there and be safe :)!



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