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An Expat Guide To Happiness - advice from our Happiness Coach #2

March • 10th, 2020
by Julie Leonard

An Expat Guide To Happiness #2


When I lived back home in Scotland, I loved socialising and going out. I had lots of interests and hobbies. I frequently went to the cinema and the theatre. I had a monthly book group. I took part in workshops and courses, went to Art exhibitions and live concerts. I even had an allotment for several years.


A lot of my hobbies were dependent on language and when I moved to Germany I struggled for a while to work out how to carry on my hobbies in English. The answer is to get out there and explore or to create what you want! I slowly found the cinema’s that showed OV movies. I found that the Deutsches Theatre sometimes had original language shows or shows where there was no language barrier such as music or dance. I gradually discovered lots of cool music venues and decided I wouldn’t stop going to gigs cause I had no one to go with and started going to live music by myself (live music makes me so happy!).


In the 6 years I have been here, the number of groups has grown dramatically and the number of FB groups for expats has also increased. Go on to Meetup and you can find a group for virtually anything you are in to. And If not, it's so easy to start one of your own. That’s what I did. I wanted small events for women where like minded expats could meet and connect. I set up the

Munich Women’s Sport, Wellbeing and Happiness Group host events and workshops in English. And through that I have met so many incredible women and made

many friends.


I am fortunate that I find it easy to walk in to a new group or venue and chat to people. I know it’s not so easy for everyone. However, if you can gently expand your comfort zone and go to events that interest you, the reward of friendship far outweighs any worries you may have. If you are genuinely struggling with your confidence and self esteem and you feel it is a barrier to you meeting people and enjoying life, please reach out and book a Discovery Call with e. I can help you change this.


This Is also the perfect time to try new hobbies too. The weather in Scotland is known for being quite wet and cold so I never really pursued outdoor activities. Here, cycling lanes make it safer and easier for me to cycle more, we are 1 hour to a beautiful lake or the mountains. This open up the possibilities for hiking, skiing, and many other hobbies. Nordic pole walking is also a big deal here. Maybe you always fancied that?! The point is, in a new place and when you want to meet new people, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out potential new hobbies and experiences whilst making new friends along the way.


In the meantime, you can get lots of free support in my Happiness Club, The Happiness Club Public Group​, take my free Happiness Quiz​ or schedule a free Discovery Call! - Get in touch!

Julie Leonard is a happiness evangelist, life coach and speaker - 'with 30 years of Psychology, Health and Coaching experience, I can help you change your life and feel truly HAPPY'

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