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News / A quick guide and our Insider tips for Wiesn' 2019!

A quick guide and our Insider tips for Wiesn' 2019!

September • 24th, 2019
by Omayma

Oktoberfest is all fun and games as long as you know your way around


If you’re not familiar it’s quite easy to get lost on the 34,5 hectares of the biggest folk festival in the world. But since Munich is your new home and it’s a big part of Bavaria’s tradition we are going to help you enjoy it like the locals do!


Here are our top tips and golden rules for Oktoberfest 2019:


1. Come by public transport

There are no parking spaces nearby, and there are also roadblocks around the Wiesn. Incidentally, all U-Bahn stations around the Oktoberfest are barrier-free: U4 / U5: Theresienwiese, Schwanthalerhöhe, U3 / U6: Goetheplatz and Poccistrasse, as well as S-Bahn: Hackerbrücke. Getting home by taxi can be a little bit more difficult, especially during the weekend - but if you walk a little further away from the crowds, for example to Goetheplatz it’s a lot easier to stop a cab on the streets! 


Extra Tip: If you don’t like public transport, get to Wiesn by E-Scooter - quick and easy to park! But be careful, it’s only a one way solution since you’re not allowed to drive after a few drinks.


2. Choose the weekday wisely

If you love the big bustle, then you shouldn’t miss a Friday evening and Saturday at the Oktoberfest! Then all of Munich is drinking and celebrating into the Weekend - which you’ll notice because all the tents will be 'closed due to overcrowding’. So if you are looking for a more relaxed and chilled mood, nice food and a bit of everything for the whole family, then we recommend you go during the week and on Sunday afternoons. The beer tents will be open and if you come early enough you’re also quite likely to get a table for yourself - inside and also in the beer gardens. 


3. If you go with children, go on a Tuesday

Tuesday afternoon is family day at Oktoberfest, so like every year you’ll get most of the rides and also food at special prices. If you can’t make it on Tuesdays still make sure to rather go during the week and quite early, since the party crowd tends to come late or on the weekends!



Whether a ride on the Ferris wheel, a round at the shooting range or a bag of roasted almonds: on Tuesday, the smallest visitors to the Oktoberfest will get all their wishes fulfilled.

4. Take your own power bank

If you’re an early bird and go to Oktoberfest in the morning, the probability of your phone battery to run low is quite high - but don’t worry, even then you’re not cut off! If you are hanging around in the Schottenhamel tent you’re lucky since you will find a charging station there. Six lockers, each with four different pin locked ports are available. But if you are clever and want to play it safe, just take your own power bank and be reachable for your friends all day!


5. ‚Fischsemmel‘ against the hangover

Oktoberfest visitors like sausage and Hendl - they just appear to have more sex appeal. But what really helps after a whole day of celebrating at Wiesn is a ‚Hering‘-Semmel! It contains important minerals the body lost the day before and at the same time animates to forced fluid intake - sounds too good to be true? Go try it out yourself;)!


Extra tip: This year’s IN-drink which will also prevent you from really bad hangovers is ‚saures Radler‘ - beer mixed with water!


6. The Oide Wiesn for those who like a traditional charm

On the southern part of the Theresienwiese, right next to the Riesenrad, there is a very special piece of Oktoberfest: the Oide Wiesn. If you take a seat in one of the historic rides and then experience real Bavarian customs in the cozy beer tent, you will get an idea of what the Oktoberfest once was like. The Oide Wiesn is a secluded area and you’ll have pay a small entrance fee of €3 - for children under 14 years the entrance is free! 




Now that you have a little more of inside information, enjoy Munich’s amazing 5th season of the year and stay tuned - we’ll keep you updated!


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