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How to find a job in Munich - some tips from an expat in the city

October • 14th, 2021
by Barbara

Finding a job in Munich

Words of advice if you are looking for a job in Germany


When I moved to Munich with my boyfriend I came without a job. I wasn’t happy with my job in my home country anymore so I figured it didn’t differ much if I would look for a new job there or in Germany. Well…what can I say…boy was I wrong (and naive) about that! What I soon figured out is that Germany has its own set of (unwritten) rules concerning how to land yourself a new job. And it took me a while to figure those out.


What makes it extra hard when you are new to a country is that you:


  1. most likely don’t speak the local language.
  2. don’t have a CV that matches the local standard.
  3. don’t have a network of people you can consult or let know you are looking for a new job.
  4. don’t have qualifications that are known to local HR managers
  5. don’t know where to start looking..


Fortunately, for all of these challenges, there are solutions that will help you keep your flag flying and kick-off your career in Germany

Be patient, don't give up and (try to) enjoy this new challenge. And drink coffee, lots of coffee :)  

Tips for making it easier to find your new job in Germany! 


1. Learn German


Yes, this is an open door. But it is also true. Most important is that you are able to have a decent conversation. Join a Kaffee-klatsch or take private conversation lessons. You can practice interview questions and get confident in the first steps. The grammar and all that hard stuff will come later! Read 10 tips on how to speed up to process of learning German.


2. Germanize your CV


The German CV probably looks a little different than the one you currently have. Find someone who can help you with that. It could be your friendly neighbour but there are also consultants who can help you with this. Google and you shall find :)


3. Update your profile on LinkedIn and Xing


Xing is the German equivalent of LinkedIn. Not well known outside the German-speaking countries, but still popular here. You can connect and search for jobs on both platforms.


4. Find out what is the translation or equivalent of your studies in your home country.


Some studies just have a different name here and some don’t exist here. It is good to be aware of that and add an extra explanation. Don’t assume they know what you are talking about! It's also possible and sometimes necessary to officiate your profession by the official recognition service.


Have a look here for further information:



5. Where to start looking for a job in Germany?


Google is the (first) place to be. Yes, another open door but also true. Some well-known Job platforms are, and

And for those looking for English platforms: who needs engineers, jobs in munich, startus (for startups) and some more. If you happen to know a good one not listed here, let us know!


It just takes more time to find your way in a new place and it will most likely also take more time to find your new job.


Be patient, and, look at the bright side of this new challenge. You will feel super proud once you succeed. And in the meantime don't forget to explore Munich, taste the foods and beers, have coffee in the many cool coffee places and perhaps pick up your favorite sport or hobby again!


And if there is any way the Expat in the City team can help you let us know!


Good luck!!





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