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Heavenly Craft Room for "Little Angels" in the New City Hall

December • 4th, 2017
by Constanze Sabathil

Munich’s Very Own Himmelswerkstatt
Have you ever heard of a Himmelswerkstatt?
Every year during Christmas time, the City of Munich hosts their “heavenly craft room” for children aged six through 12.
From December 1 until December 16 at 2:30pm and again at 4:30pm each day, children can build and craft their own Christmas presents in the New City Hall, Neues Rathaus, the heart of Munich.

Come to craft or donate something kids can use!

Under the supervision of a team from the Münchner Kindermuseum (Munich’s Children’s Museum), the kids can prepare creative and unique gifts and even dress up as angels if they like.
This year’s motto is Basteln, statt wegwerfen (“Craft, Don’t Toss”), and so they transform little boxes, cork, stones, and other materials into brand new presents. They can even make their own paper and candles, and if they bring textiles, they will learn how to use silkscreen printing too!
The Himmelswerkstatt is an overall exciting and charming event for children and brings the holiday spirit to the entire family. On the homepage of the event, the City of Munich specifically says that the Himmelswerkstatt has had children from not only Germany, but other countries as well and that they experience a wonderful time together – without the language barrier.
So, take your kids to Munich’s unique Himmelswerkstatt and enjoy one of the Christmas Markets while your little ones are having a wonderful time! You can also donate things, if they are in good shape, and just like that help the little angels to beautify what might have otherwise been tossed out.
Happy Crafting!

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