News / Expert in the City: An Interview with Larry Schulz from the AGBC

Expert in the City: An Interview with Larry Schulz from the AGBC

December • 4th, 2017
by the Expat in the City Team

Our Expert in the City today: Larry Schulz, President American-German Business Club Munich e.V. (AGBC)


Who are you and what do you do? When did you first come to Munich?

Larry Schulz: I am an American from the Chicago suburbs who has greatly enjoyed living in Europe, primarily Munich, since 1980. My professional background is in operational financial management, and I have worked for global technology leaders (e.g. Motorola, Sun Microsystems) as well as for a number of German startup initiatives. Currently I am a free- lance financial manager and devote my remaining available time to local networking activities in the Munich international community.


In what way does the American-German Business Club Munich e.V. (AGBC) serve the expat community in Munich? 

Larry Schulz: The AGBC is a not-for-profit organization uniting individuals to interact and exchange ideas on current business and social trends. As an apolitical organization, our members are international and not limited to Americans and Germans. We provide a broad-based, English-speaking platform for making connections to a wide span of globally-minded members of the Munich business community. Our networking forum helps promote relationships in business and culture with activities designed to inform our members and guests on business customs, culture and traditions. In supporting the transatlantic dialogue, we also help foster understanding of historical and political background information for Germany, the United States and Canada. Finally we focus on current business issues and provide speakers and discussions addressing related technology, cultural and Munich community topics. 


You have supported the Expat in the City Fair from the very beginning. Why is this important you? 

Larry Schulz: The Expat in the City Fair is an excellent gathering for informing interested newcomers to the Munich area who may benefit from our networking forum. In doing so, we can help them land here more quickly while enabling them to establish community connections that are so important in getting started in a new location. In addition, we use the fair to identify and inform longer-term residents who may share our international community interests and connections but who may be uninformed of our presence and role.


The fair is also a great opportunity to meet our contacts and renew relationships. In parallel, it provides us a channel to find out more about what is happening in the Munich area so that we can inform our members of emerging opportunities.  

Munich - "a wonderful starting point for exploring Bavaria"

Do you have some encouraging words or advice for expats in the city?

Larry Schulz: The opportunities for an outstanding quality of life in Munich are exceptional. Once one has settled in, her/his next steps should include identifying suitable networking channels for participating in the culturally rich Munich international community. While Munich has Europe’s most advanced and comprehensive technology base and a vibrant international business ecosystem, it is also a wonderful starting point for exploring Bavaria with its abundant charming towns, lakes and countryside areas, not to mention the nearby Alpine areas.


What is your favorite spot in Munich and why?

Larry Schulz: Amerika Haus – for stimulating programs spanning transatlantic cultures, business, and politics as well as networking and getting together with friends and acquaintances.


Three tips for expats in the city:

Larry Schulz: Once you are settled here:

Start ASAP to build your local networks. These can span social, personal support, business, technology, sports, etc. Assure you are registered in a German healthcare plan and sign in with a convenient local doctor (general practitioner) – one never knows what might happen. Identify a tax advisor who covers German tax, and if possible, your native country taxes; income tax is a complicated matter.  


Larry also provided us with an African proverb:

“If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together.”


Thank you for your time, Larry!



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