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Expat in the City: An Interview with Angel from the Philippines

December • 4th, 2017
by the Expat in the City Team

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Our Expat in the City today: Angel


Who are you and where are you from? Since when are you in Munich? What do you do?

Angel: I am Angel from the Philippines. I came in Munich in 2013 for a study program. I come from geoscientific and programming backgrounds. I worked as a scientific programmer and geophysicist in the geothermal industry in my home country for 10 years. After completing my Master degree here, I am volunteering for non-profit organizations and setting up a startup.


In what way did EitC connect and inspire you?

Angel: I participated in the EitC event with the Open Days Coaching Club, an international community for personal growth, that I am a part of. From there, I got connected to Thrive International that runs several cross-cultural initiatives, one of which is a project that promotes sustainability, disaster resilience and inclusive growth in my home country. From there, I got into the Streetlife Festival scene twice this year and my network keeps growing. I got to meet interesting and passionate individuals through EitC. Through one of their events, I met Larry Schulz of American German Business Club and got to learn about the many activities and talks that they do.


"Munich is a sea of opportunities"

What would your advice be to expats in Munich?

Angel: My advice to expats is to stay open, stay engaged. Being an expat can open doors that were previously unavailable back in one's home country. There is no other way to be than to be embracing and more inclusive. Home does not necessarily have to be a place where one grows up in. Family does not stop at bloodlines. Being open and engaged as an expat in Munich means that collaboration and relationships are cultivated based on shared values, instead of a common geography or nationality. It is very enriching to connect with people and learn from each other's different perspectives by virtue of diversity and tolerance.


What does best define Munich for you? 

Angel: Munich is a sea of opportunities.


Places or things you love:

Angel: I like that Munich has many parks, I live a few steps from one. I like that you can just take a train and go hiking or be at the lake with friends. I like the vibrant startup scene in Munich and the support given to entrepreneurs. I like the countless interest groups in Munich and you can find your niche. I enjoy the many activities for arts and culture like you can have a wonderful Italian dance instructor, share the space with individuals from diverse backgrounds and let the dance speak your language. 


Thank you for your time, Angel!


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