Ostrom is leading the green energy revolution by making the switch to 100% renewable energy as simple as possible. Energy. Just Better.

Flexible Billing: Monthly subscriptions,
no 12-month lock-in.
Fair Pricing: Rewards for long-time customers,
no Neukundenbonus.
Multilingual: Everything offered in German and English,
no translators required.
Digital-First: Manage everything with just one tap through the app.
Customer-Centric: Responsive live chat support,
no post or fax.
Quick Meter Reading: Easily track your consumption within the app.
Remote-First: No expensive overheads. We pass on savings, not costs.

100% Green: No compromise, only renewable energy.

Ostrom (Aplus Energy GmbH)

c/o Factory Works GmbH

Rheinsberger Straße 76/77

10115 Berlin Germany