Mr. Lodge

With over 2,500 apartments and houses successfully brokered each year, and over 25 years’ experience, Mr. Lodge is the leading provider of furnished temporary rentals in Munich and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a project employee, young professional, expat, or manager seeking an apartment or house, our team of over 80 multilingual experts will make sure that you find a suitable furnished property quickly and with no complications. For this purpose, Mr. Lodge is able to use approximately 150 accommodation offers available on short notice and meet a wide range of requirements – whether it’s a studio apartment, spacious apartment, or house – most properties brokered by Mr. Lodge are located in excellent inner-city areas within Munich. All apartments come fully equipped with individual, high-quality furnishings and have flexible rental periods. These range from six months up to several years and can usually be extended on short notice. This makes Mr. Lodge the right choice for anyone wanting to get their money’s worth by quickly and easily renting an apartment that offers more privacy and space than a hotel and more comfort and a better location than serviced apartments. Mr. Lodge supports tenants and landlords throughout the entire tenancy.