Be an Expat in the City, and become a part of Munich!

Many different stories, conditions and reasons – but all with the same reality: Munich is your new place to live. We aim to make it your new hometown. Be an Expat In The City, and become a part of Munich!



Home Sweet Home in Munich: where to find short and long term apartments

Apartment or flat hunting in Munich can be quite complicated, there are so many of us working, loving and wanting to live in this great city!


Meet new people and integrate successfully into your new life in Germany!

Overcome language barriers, make new friends and adapt to your new life in Germany faster: Safe yourself a special deal with Expat in the City for German courses at Goethe - Institut!


5 steps to take before traveling - prepare carefully and get yourself covered!

If you like to travel and you live in Munich you are one lucky expat! With its super central location, Munich is the ideal starting point for exploring European destinies near and (not so) far.


Expats in Munich

Expat In The City is aiming to provide a platform full of information, services as well as partner programms in order to welcome expats, long and short term visitors from abroad and everyone who’s heart is beating for the beautiful Bavarian Capital that is Munich. Read our EXPAT INFO for news and stories to keep yourself up to date with advices and recent topics in and around the city.



All you need to know before you move to Munich

If you are planning to move to Munich from abroad, you might feel overwhelmed by the variety of information provided on the internet. The good news is, you can stop looking further, since you found us: Expat In The City provides the complete list of useful services and advices you need now. No matter if your question is family and childcare related, concerns further education and career topics, or if you seek legal or financial advice: Just one click away, you will find reliable partners of ours. They are listed topic by topic, you can arrange everything conveniently one after another, until you know: From babysitter to tax advisory, all is set and prepared prior to or right upon your arrival in Germany. No delays, no disappointment, no worries – that’s guaranteed.


Our partners - your advantage

Expat In The City keeps you company in the beginning, but also offers value for the more settled ones of you. The variety of service links we offer for expats in Munich spans from language schools and help with administration to housing and insurance brokers, but also contains yoga studios or networking groups. We have carefully chosen all our partner companies and partner agencies, who we are enjoying long term co-operations with. Within our partner network we are able to grant discounted prices for some of the services and events. If German lessons or an insurance package, many of our partners will offer you reduced prices if you simply book them via Expat In The City.


Munich home – not alone

Although the first days and weeks in a new city are always exciting, we know that many of you left their friends, family and social circle behind. Whenever you are not sure what to do for leisure, just click our events section, and you will be taken out to where the locals are. Even better, if you book via our website, there is a good chance you will meet other expats, who undergo the same things you currently do, and who may have the same questions as you – or, even the answers to them from their own experiences.


All other questions you can ask us personally by using our contact sheet, and even meet us in person at one of the workshops we organize at the Expat In The City office here in Munich on a regular basis. Please check our EVENTS section for details. Tell your friends, bring your friends: We are looking forward to seeing you!


We love Munich

Munich, the Bavarian Capital located in Southern Germany, is famously frequented by visitors who come for the Oktoberfest. However, many also visit to enjoy the charming elegance, the food, the architecture and the beer gardens. Munich offers a unique mixture of tradition and trend. The city is also famous as a capital of industry and culture, both being a motor – not only because of the famous cars produced here - for openness of minds and hearts. People from all over the world come to Munich to make their living, to participate, to just experience a different lifestyle. Others are sent from abroad by exchange programms of their companies or universities, or on classic expat contracts. Many different stories, conditions and reasons – but all with the same reality: Munich is your new place to live. We aim to make it your new hometown. Be an Expat In The City, and become a part of Munich!



Servus and see you!


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