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International School Augsburg

International School Augsburg (ISA) on Munich’s threshold, is committed to fostering open-mindedness and respect. The school provides a fully accredited, varied and balanced programme for students from pre-school to secondary school. Students at ISA feel very much at home because their teachers are friendly and supportive. “It is crucial that young people feel safe to take risks and make the mistakes that lead to learning,“ says Cathie Mullen, Director [Education].

ISA is an authorised IB World School, running the International Baccalaureate® (IB) PYP and IB Diploma Programmes. “We have a responsibility to provide young people with the skills and attitudes they will need to be successful in a rapidly changing world,” says Mullen. Above all, critical and creative thinking will be essential. The school offers an excellent education in computer science and mathematics. The visual and performing arts are an integral part of learning for all students.

Daily interactions with children and adults from more than 30 countries gives children the chance to develop their curiosity about the world and promotes open-minded and respectful attitudes to the perspectives of others. Although students and staff come from many countries, the school maintains strong ties with educational, cultural and business institutions in the local region.

Last year, the school has pledged to make every graduate a shareholder. Over time, the school will be owned by those who loved to learn there: its own alumni. This illustrates the innovative vision that drives the school’s development from a pedagogical as well as a community perspective.

Wernher-von-Braun-Straße 1a

86368 Gersthofen