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International Bilingual School Munich

The Ibsm provides all students with an inspiring, bilingual learning environment in which they acquire a first-class international education. The private school focuses on the individual child and his or her skills, talents and needs.


The teachers are not simply competent brokers of knowledge, they are also committed companions in learning who encourage the children to indulge their curiosity, investigate the world, ask questions and acquire global knowledge concepts. Unlike traditional forms of teaching, the ibsm focuses on free and project work.


The children investigate and discover. They actively design their learning processes in a self-determining manner which, according to the latest brain research, produces very positive learning results. The bilingual primary school teaches the Bavarian curriculum for primary school which it combines with the internationally-recognised Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the IBO. This results in an integrated curriculum the transdisciplinary approach of which reflects the philosophy and mission of the school and brings it to life.